To continue with the cards that came to me in the Four Directions Spread of my Sacred Path card reading, we come to the last card. The card for the North Direction. This card expresses the wisdom I will gain if I follow a true course and apply the knowledge of the other three cards.  The North wind is the place of the Elders, gratitude, and healing.  Which card came to my spread?

The card I turned over was the Medicine Bundle which represents Allies and Support.  It tells me to honor the wisdom of my Ancestors and my Allies. I should look at the strengths that have been given to me and count them as some of my personal Medicine. They are supporting me in my present path and I should recognize them as blessings from my Medicine Helpers. It is with their help that I will find the courage to support Self.

This card reminds me that I am not alone, I am not empty, I am not voiceless.  I am awakened to the idea that no matter how difficult the path, I am being supported during the climb. Since I have been struggling on the path, I am being cautioned that I am out of balance with my natural Allies.  If I learn from the other three lessons, my Allies and I should start to walk together again.  Actually, my Medicine Helpers and Spirit Keepers never stop assisting me if I stumble on the path. I just need to remember to be grateful for their assistance and be most humble in thanksgiving for their help.

Medicine Bundles have been used by Native Americans since ancient times. There are all sorts of purposes for a bundle of medicine to be collected. The bundle would hold articles that represent totems of Power Animals or Allies of nature. In times past, a Medicine Bundle could have a personal purpose or it could have been for a Tribe, the Warriors, Dreaming, Visions, or a multitude of needs. What was collected and put in the bundle was to assist the person carrying it in the endeavor they were about to take on or to keep with them for a lifetime on their personal journey.

As I have continued to reflect on the lessons from this Sacred Path reading that I did for myself, I’ve felt much better. I still have some work to do with myself but at least now I know the ways to go about it. I found out that there were decisions that I needed to make and act upon, I needed to return home to a me that I had neglected by wearing the metaphorical Shawl, I need to reconnect with my Inner Child and have more fun, and my Spirit Keepers are always with me.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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