We will learn some lessons of the Medicine Bundle as we walk the Native American Sacred Path.  An actual bundle  contains a collection of items that come to us in a variety of ways.  They will represent our Power Totems and other items that symbolize particular medicine to the owner of the Bundle.

Medicine Bundles are different than Medicine Bags or Medicine Pouches. Bundles can be as small as something that can fit into your hand or as large as a newborn baby.

The Medicine Bundle can have many different uses. Of course, an individual can have one for their own personal medicines. There can be Tribal Bundles, Warrior Bundles, Hunting Bundles, Dreaming Bundles, and Vision Bundles. This is just a few uses for the bundles that can be used today and have been used for centuries. Typically a Medicine Bundle would be made by a Medicine Man or Woman, especially if there is a need for a group bundle or for a particular use.  We, as individuals, can certainly make our own bundle for our personal totems and medicine, although the Medicine Bag is usually the choice of a person.

Medicine Bundles come with their own set of rules because they each have a specific purpose.  Giving a bundle to a family member or friend is a giving of yourself and your Totem allies. They should not be given to someone who would not honor the sacred responsibility of the Bundle’s Medicine.

In the Sacred Path Lessons if the Medicine Bundle card shows up in your spread, you are being told to honor the wisdom of your Ancestors and your Allies.  You should consider the Power Totems who walk with you and reflect on what they help you with.  The Medicine Bundle reminds us that we are not alone as we walk our path. We have allies to help us learn even when times are difficult. We are reminded to be grateful for our Helpers.  The Medicine Bundle tells us to take note of who is helping us and to also make sure we help others.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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