Gives Praise is the woman of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers who rules the December Moon. Her totem medicine comes from her being the Mother of All Acts of Thanksgiving. She is also the Keeper of Abundance and the Guardian of Ceremony and Ritual. Gives Praise is also the Mother of Encouragement and the Wisdom Keeper of the Art of Giving and Receiving. She is the Keeper of Magic.

She teaches us how to return thanks for the abundance that we need before it arrives or how to make space to receive it. The challenges that we are given in our lives are something that we should be grateful for as they show us how to develop our inner strengths.

We learn from this Clan Mother to celebrate every victory in our lives with joy. These victories should not only be our own but also the accomplishments of others in our lives.

Gives Praise gives us the lesson of having the right attitudes in order to create the magical changes in our true Self.This is not to be confused with the magic of sorcery. Having the right attitude or a change of heart can and has created more miracles in this world than most people can imagine.

She gives us the beautiful message of creating abundance through praise, both in the giving of it and the receiving of it. Gives Praise reminds us to be just as grateful for the things that we can give away as the things that we receive in life. We humans often take for granted the simplest things in life such as food, shelter, friendships and family. These are all blessings to be thankful for. She can point out the crooked path of people who have forgotten these blessings and try to fill their emptiness with material things or even pretended wisdom. These never make one truly happy.

The Original Clan Mother of the December Moon teaches us the be Grateful For The Truth with her wisdom and her thankful nature.

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