The Clan Mother who teaches us during the May Moon is Listening Woman. One of the The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers who came to teach the humans her sacred medicine, she is the Mother of the Stillness and Inner Knowing. Listening Woman is the Guardian of Introspection and the Keeper of Discernment. She interprets messages from the Spirit World and is the Counselor or Advisor of hearing.

Black is the color that is connected to the May Moon and Listening Woman and represents seeking an answer.

Listening Woman, as her name indicates, teaches us how to enter the “stillness” and hear the small and still voice within our hearts. Each of us has an Inner Knowing and this Mother teaches us how to find and understand what we carry with us in our Spiritual Essence. We learn to really hear the messages of nature, our own hearts, the Spirit World, the viewpoints of our fellow humans, the creature teachers, and the Great Spirit. We often have to enter the silence within ourselves to grasp or hear what is happening around us.

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We learn from Listening Woman how to listen to the opinions and viewpoints of the people around us while we also listen to the voices and lessons of our ancestors.There is harmony in allowing all life forms the respect of their own Sacred Point of View. Often we walk a crooked trail because we talk so much that we forget to listen. When we ignore or stop listening to the voice of others, we can actually stunt our own spiritual growth.

The Clan Mother of May teaches us how to understand body language and unspoken thoughts as we listen with our heart. We begin to pick up on the inflection of words spoken and begin to see whether we are hearing what the person really feels.

The most important medicine from Listening Woman, the Clan Mother who teaches during the May Moon cycle is to HEAR THE TRUTH

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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