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I am going to talk to you today about the medicine or lessons that we learn from The Field Of Plenty teachings of the Iroquois League of Nations. This league or confederacy originally consisted of the Seneca, Oneida, Mohawk, Onondaga, and Cayuga traditions. I love this teaching that, in a way, encourages the idea of living in thanksgiving each day of our lives.

The Seneca tradition envisions the Field of Plenty as a spiral, much like an upside down tornado. This spiral holds all of the awareness of possibilities that can be drawn on when there is a need. What do we do to make this into a reality? It is pretty simple, actually. We go to the Great Spirit with a grateful heart, express the need, and then trust that the needed ideas or solution will manifest itself.

Well, maybe not so simple for us humans. Most of us do not have one bit of trouble expressing our needs to the Creator. Where we usually fall short is coming first with a grateful heart before we ask. The most difficult of all, is the trusting that it will happen. We struggle with that trust, don’t we? Being grateful for what we already have is a true struggle for many, too.

Trying To Teach The Field Of Plenty To The Pilgrims

Most Americans know the story of the first Thanksgiving where at the end of the harvest the First Peoples and the Pilgrims met to give thanks for the bountiful harvest after the indigenous peoples taught the “boat people” how to grow corn and raise crops in this new land so that they wouldn’t starve.

The Iroquois women wove baskets that looked like the cornucopia and then filled them full of vegetables. They were trying to convey the teachings of the Field of Plenty and to show them that gratitude was not just a Christian concept. The Natives wanted the Pilgrims to understand that they need never fear of scarcity. There would always be an abundance if things were shared and gratitude was given to the original Source of the abundance. Unfortunately, the message did not translate well.

Cornucopia in Fall Poster
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Greed drives too many people on this earth. We so easily forget that we should live in a state of thanksgiving on a daily basis and not just celebrate a holiday that comes once a year.

The cornucopia of the Spirit World holds all of the needed ideas for our lives to be full. If there is a need for something to be invented that will help the masses, the idea will be put into several peoples minds. The one who acts upon the idea completes the process and many benefit. The Field of Plenty has a way to always put the needed item into the hands of the very people who need it. The way to manifest the gift is to remember to be grateful and to trust that our needs will be met and than balance all of that with action. The Great Mystery has a way of making sure that the right people, places, and things are on our path to be the answer to our true needs.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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