Do you have to be able to prove that you are from a specific Tribal lineage to embrace the Native American teachings? I believe that you do not. I believe that what is important is in your heart and what you know to be true with your soul.  Several posts back, we talked of the Whirling Rainbow and the prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors. Many of us believe that we are in the time of the Rainbow Warriors and that it is our responsibility to teach the old ways again. We believe that we are approaching the time that brings a universal peace to all peoples of this earth.

Some might say, “Oh she is just a wannabe!” No, that isn’t true. I do have the blood of the First People coursing through my veins. I also believe that my soul has journeyed on Mother Earth many times before and that it is no coincidence that my soul is here on Mother Earth at this time when the Ancestor Souls have returned to usher in the Fifth World. A new age of peace.

Circle Of Life: Traditional Teachings Of Native American Elders

James David Audlin wrote the book above in 2004 to share the traditional teachings of Native Americans. He puts in writing traditional oral sacred teachings of spirituality, ceremonies, and visions from the Iroquois Nation, Lakota, and other tribal traditions. The point of the book is to offer the teachings to all who wish to follow the paths of the ones who have come before us, no matter your religion or ethnicity. Following this path is not an easy one and requires deep personal and spiritual commitment. The book can be one guide to help bring the Sacred Hoop of Nations back into balance and harmony.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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