Coral Teaches Us Nurturing

Native American silver jewelry often uses Coral along with Turquoise.  There is a symbolic reason for this use. Coral comes from the seas of the Earth Mother and is a symbol of the blood of our planet. The waters of Mother Earth are considered her blood as we have blood in our bodies.  The First People, or Native Americans, see the Earth Mother as a living being with a consciousness and a free will of her own. She is the true Mother of all living things.

Turquoise is of the soil of our Earth Mother and represents the Sky Nation and protects those who act as Guardians of the Earth. Turquoise is a male element and can be worn for protection.  As the Warrior Clans protect the People and all future generations, turquoise protects the wearer from bad Medicine.  We need this protection so that nurturing can occur in a safe place. That is why you see Turquoise and Coral worn together.  Mother Earth and Father Sky work together to protect and nurture all creatures. The Silver mountings carry the symbol of purity and truth which is the marriage of Earth and Sky.

>We humans have a need to be nurtured and we are always seeking comfort and nourishment from each other, our pets, our possessions, our careers, and other aspects of our Earth Walk.

Using Coral allows us to reconnect to the blood in our bodies and to the waters of Mother Earth. There is a spiritual understanding that our body needs air, food, and physical activity. This is a sacred understanding. When we reconnect with our feelings we can develop a communication with our physical form that is not based on addictions, compulsions, fear, gluttony, or selfishness.

Coral tells us to listen to our feelings. Don’t ignore how you feel around certain people or how your body feels. Coral tells us to reconnect to these feelings while we walk our Sacred Path here on Earth.

~ Mitakuye Oyasin ~ We are all related

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