We are all familiar with the mineral turquoise. We see it in jewelry a lot, especially in jewelry of the Southwest.  There is meaning in turquoise in Native American Totems.  Turquoise is the mineral birth totem for the Big Winds Moon which falls during February 19 through March 20 which is the moon that we have just begun.  Turquoise is also used as a general protection totem by many people.

The message of this mineral is protection and knowing the meaning of value. Turquoise is a male totem because of the protection aspect of it. Coral is the feminine equivalent as it provides nurturing. We often see the two worn together.

We find that this mineral provides protection on all levels of our being. Many believe that turquoise will protect the wearer from both injury and danger.  The First People, Native Americans, often placed turquoise on their shield to ward off the weapons of their enemies.

We find it carved into fetishes and inlaid into objects. Had you ever realized that wearing this mineral was offering you protection? Probably not, you probably just liked the color and hadn’t thought about the meaning of the stone.

For centuries Native Americans have known the power of this mineral and understood that it promotes healing and can strengthen the healing abilities of people who have that gift.

Turquoise does not have to be your birth mineral totem to work. It is a gift of Great Spirit to all of us offering the protection we need in our daily lives.  One might say that it has a universal place in Native American Totems for all to use both male and female.

~ Mitakuye Oyasin ~ We are all related

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