I have been sitting for the last few hours watching in wonder the activity surrounding a pine tree in my backyard. It does not surprise me that it is known as the peacemaker of the Standing People. It is a safe haven for many of the birds who visit my backyard offering branches to perch on or limbs to secure a nest on. Squirrels scamper up and down the trunk or across the many branches as they play and forage for food. This quiet sentinel reaches out to the feathered friends and the furry friends and offers a place of peace and harmony for all of us to co-exist around. I can’t help but wonder if one of the reasons that we humans and the creatures are drawn to the calm and relaxing scent that the needles of the tree produce.

Early man found the pine tree a source of food with the pine nuts that could be gathered in the fall and stored to help feed the tribe or clan over the cold winter months. Archaeologists found a cache of stored pine nuts in North America that was at least 6,000 years old. It is through this food source that pine teaches us to conserve energy. Instead of jumping around in nervous and fast motions, we learn that a slow and constant pace helps us to complete our tasks and goals while not depleting all of our energy along the way.

Pine trees and pine cones have been held in sacred esteem by many cultures throughout history. The branches were used to sprinkle water by priests or shamans during rituals. We can also find the pine cone used in many religious images going pretty far back into history. There were deities either carrying the pine cones or having it as a part of a staff that they used. Take a look the next time you see the Pope, there is a pine cone on the end of his staff.

Pine is believed to be the bridge between mind and body, physical and spirit and earth and heaven. If you decide to not be in a hurry you can grow slowly with the wisdom of this elder in the tree realm who will help you understand a higher state of being.

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