One of the award winning Native American jewelry makers of today is Calvin Begay. This designer and master craftsman was born in Gallup, New Mexico in 1965.

Calvin’s mother and uncle taught him the art of jewelry making. At age 10, he designed his first piece. Calvin Begay has become a true master in every aspect of the design and manufacture of Native American silver jewelry. The Gallup Inter Tribal Ceremonial has bestowed many awards to Calvin including Best of Show in 1989. Arizona Highways and Southwest Art have featured his jewelry in their magazines.

I love Calvin Begay jewelry, most especially his inlay work. He takes traditional techniques to a new level by creating flowing and contemporary styles. His choice of materials blend so harmoniously and fluidly making a piece of art to wear and treasure for its beauty.

The Calvin Begay Jewelry pictured here is only one of his designs. I love the combination of turquoise, lapis-lazuli, and sugilite mixing together to form what looks to me like a bird in flight. The pendant is worked in 14K gold instead of the traditional silver.

There is powerful medicine in the gemstones that Calvin used for this pendant. The lapis-lazuli will open your mind to the knowing that you are a part of “All That Is”, the awakening to the perfection of the self.  Turquoise is associated with the male energy of protection and wisdom.  Many believe that turquoise aids in protection by absorbing negative energy away from you.  Sugilite is one of the most important love stones. Spiritual love and wisdom is represented through its rich purple rays.  Wearing a piece of jewelry with these particular gemstones provides strong and loving medicine.

Had you thought of the Native American Totems that are incorporated into the jewelry made by artists like Calvin Begay and the jewelry makers of the past and present? Each stone has a traditional meaning with its own type of medicine.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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