Golden Eagle with Nest

The Spirit Keeper of the East Wind is Wabun or Eagle.  Wabun shows us power through illumination and wisdom. The season of the East Wind is Spring. The time of awakening from winter’s rest, a time of vitality and purity of energy. The animal totem of Wabun is Eagle who gives us the Medicine of Spirit. The color totem is red which symbolizes vital energy. The time of day represented is Morning in the East Wind.

Wabun, the Spirit Keeper of the East position on the Native American Medicine Wheel, is influenced by the element of air. This power totem is the Chief Animal Totem of the Budding Trees Moon, the Frogs Return Moon, and the Corn Planting Moon. Spring and the East Wind represent the time of our human lives of infancy and early childhood. This can be the actual time of life or the infancy or childhood phase of an idea. Also the infancy and childhood of where we are in our life path of spiritual learning.

Wabun is straightforward in his power. It is that of new beginnings. Wabun brings the time of new growth to all of earth’s children. The time of Wabun is the time of freshness, newness, enthusiasm, and creativity. The East is truly a time of rebirth, a time when all things are possible. It is a time of innocence and a time of awakening.

Wabun brings the eternal promise of spring. Wabun helps us to know that each moment can be a new beginning. The gifts of Wabun are the gifts of spontaneity, playfulness, wonder, inquisitiveness, and truth saying. Wabun brings the abilities to explore, to feel high energy, to be full of curiosity, to question everything, and to have the determination to see what is around the corner. People born with Wabun as their Spirit Keeper feel that they are the messengers of truth.

The time of Wabun and the East Wind is a magical time both for the earth and for all of her children. It is a time when everything seems to be possible, when each breath, each moment is a new beginning, when incredible energy is available for growth on all levels.

Some of the important lessons you can learn in the East are how to turn the knowledge of the Spirit outward and how to find a way to take this knowledge into the world. Wabun provides a good time to take advantage of your clear-sightedness, your ability to work with things of the earth while still remembering the lessons you have learned from other realms.

The time of Wabun is the time of healing of the mind. This is the place we seek if we seek if we need to find the truth of life and get rid of any lies that might be binding us to old places that keep us from new beginnings.

The powers of Wabun and the East Wind are those of truth, of openness, of illumination. Exploring Wabun will help you to know how to let the sacred energy that is the Creator flow freely and vitally throughout your whole being.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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