Yesterday I introduced you to the Power Totems that guide us throughout our lives. These Native American Totems choose us at birth and work with us during our lifetime.  Representing the directions of East, South, West, North, Above, Below, Within, and our left and right sides.

My East Totem is Elk. The animal that works with you in the East direction teaches you of your Spiritual Challenge and your path to illumination. Elk reminds me to pace myself and not to drain my own energy and also to align myself with support groups of my own gender.

My South Totem is Skunk. Don’t laugh! The South direction works with us on knowing when to be humble and when to trust. Skunk medicine teaches us how to use our energy to attract honor or disgrace…our reputations.

My West Totem is Coyote.  The west direction holds our personal truths and our inner answers.  Coyote seems odd for this direction but he works with the ability to laugh at myself.  He helps me to keep things light and not too serious.

My North Totem is Deer.  The north direction gives us wise council and Deer comes to me often with council. Gentleness is the message of Sister Deer. The gentleness of spirit that will heal all wounds. Loving people for who they are. Wise council and peaceful energy.

My Above Totem is Dolphin. The above direction reminds us of the Star Nation from where we came and it protects our Dreamtime.  Dolphin represents the “breath of life” and swims with me through my dreams helping me enter the rhythm of my inner being.  Dolphin brings the message that I am to be a link to some solution for the Children of Earth.

My Below Totem is Eagle.  The below direction works with us to be grounded. It might seem odd to have a flying animal to be my grounding animal. Eagle is connected to the Divine. In order to be grounded we must first be illuminated and look higher to Grandfather Sun with our hearts.

My Within Totem is Bat. The within direction is our sacred space or personal truth. Bat represents the rebirth of the soul. Bat works with me to let go of old habits, old patterns and to be reborn. We are always asked to grow. Bat reminds me to let the old die so that I can become my future.

My Right Side governs my male side. Blue Heron walks on my right side. Self reflection and the courage to look at myself honestly keeping my reflection in balance. I must act like a warrior to keep the enemy within at bay and defeat my personal weaknesses.

My Left side nurtures my female side. Raven walks on my right side. Magic and the power of the unknown are the gifts of Raven from the Great Spirit.

How did I find my power totems? I used the Medicine Cards of Jamie Sams to discover them. They might help you, also. I found them quite enlightening and use the cards each day for guidance.  Once you have done the spread to find your Nine Power Totems, there is no need to do them again as they will never change.  You can use other spreads to delve deeper and also pick only one card per day for a message that you are to receive for that day.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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