We have talked in earlier posts about the Native American Totems given to us when we are born.  There are specific totems that travel with us through out our lives that are associated with the Moon that we are born under.  There are also what is known as Power Totems that choose us at the time of our birth.  Notice I said “choose”. No matter what notions we might have about a totem that we would like to work with the Nine Power Totems or Spirit Guides chose us at our birth.

We might not acknowledge the existence of these totems or even be aware of them but they are there determining our own abilities, our talents, and our challenges.  We are surrounded by seven directions: East, South, West, North, Above, Below, and Within.  The additional two are not a direction per se, but are walking on either side of us at all times.

So today, let us explore the messages that the Nine Power Totems give us in our walk on Mother Earth.

East: The animal or creature in our East guides us to our greatest spiritual challenges and also guards our path to illumination.

South: The child within us is protected by our power totem of the South.  It reminds us of when to be humble and when to be trusting so that innocence will be balanced within our personality.

West: We are led to our personal truth  and inner answers by the totem of our West.  This totem also shows us our path to our goals.

North: Our animal of the North gives us wise council reminding us when to speak and when to listen.  North animal also reminds us to be grateful for each blessing of each day.

Above: We are reminded by our Above Animal Totem to honor the Great Star Nation and that we came from the stars and will someday return to them.  This power totem guards our Dreamtime.

Below: We are taught about the inner Earth and how to stay grounded on our path by our Below Totem.

Within: Our animal or creature totem of Within shows us how to find our inner joy and to be faithful to our personal truths.  Our sacred space is protected by this Spirit Guide.

Right Side: Walking with us on our right is our protector of our male side. This animal totem carries our courage and warrior spirit. It will always be our protector from within.

Left Side: Our female side has a protector too. Walking on our left side this animal teaches us about relationships and mothering along with learning to receive abundance. Left Side animal totem reminds us to nurture ourselves as well as others in our path.

With all of these totems working with us, we should never feel lonely! Tomorrow, I will share with you the Power Totems who chose me to teach on my journey here on Mother Earth.  I will also share with you a way that you can find out what the Nine Power Animals are in your Native American Totems are.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related.

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