The Strong Sun Moon arrives between June 21 and July 22. It is the first moon of Shawnodese (Coyote),  Spirit Keeper of the South position on the Native American Medicine Wheel  This moon occurs at the time of the summer solstice.  The mineral totem for the Strong Sun Moon is carnelian agate,  the plant is the wild rose, and the animal is the flicker or woodpecker.  The color is pink. The element is water  and you belong to the Frog clan.

The carnelian agate teaches people  about their strong heart connection.  The rose teaches people  about their ability both to heal and to inspire.  The flicker or woodpecker teaches people about their desire for self-expression. The Strong Sun Moon teaches about the importance of the emotions and the need for a strong home base.  People born under the Strong Sun Moon are intuitive and wild in some aspects of being, and yet  conservative and home loving in others.  The Strong Sun Moon teaches  about the law of relationship and about family, mothering, and nurturing. While working with the flicker people must guard against wallowing in their own emotions and about fearing to take a stand.

Flicker or woodpecker can teach you about communicating, music, joy, nurturing, courage, protection, tenacity, and your connection with the universal.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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