The Big Winds Moon falls between February 19 through March 20 and is the last moon of Waboose (White Buffalo), the Spirit Keeper of the North. The mineral totem is Turquoise, the plant totem is plantain, the animal totem is cougar, colors are blue and green, the element is water and the elemental clan is frog.

cougar totem

Turquoise teaches people about the meaning of value and about protection, the plantain teaches them of their healing abilities, and the cougar teaches them about mystery and the need to establish a safe territory. The Big Winds Moon can help people discover their own natural medicine power and the depth of their psychic abilities. In this position of the Medicine Wheel people learn about their deep sensitivity, their yearning for spirituality, their hesitation to express true feelings and a need for grounding on the earth. People of the Big Winds Moon can have an inclination to moodiness and to melancholy. They need to learn to temper their sensitivity and to have a greater sense of reality.

Mountain Lion or Cougar in Snow, Near Bozeman, Montana, USA

Mountain Lion or Cougar
James Hager Photograph at Allposters

It should be noted that this moon has a variance with some Native American Tribes. Some use the Wolf as the animal totem instead of the Cougar.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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