The spirit of the Wild Boar can be a totem for many with its powerful medicine teaching us about confrontation. One might think that if the Wild Boar Totem is of Native American tradition that it would have to do with confronting our enemies. In a way that is true but not an enemy that we might imagine.

The spirit of Wild Boar teaches the lesson of confronting our own fears, challenges that we may be facing, or situations that we are finding uncomfortable. We learn to look at our own weaknesses and to change them into strengths.

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When the spirit of Wild Boar comes to us as a totem, he is encouraging us to embrace the nature of the warrior inside of us and find the courage to face our fears. He might also be nudging us to look at a personal weakness that we have been ignoring and need to begin to work on. Perhaps there is a challenge in our career that we are avoiding. Brother wild boar is saying it is time to finish a project that we have left undone because we think it is too difficult to accomplish. He says that we are ready to confront our feelings regarding a life situation that is making us nervous so that we can find closure.

Basically we are reminded to stop procrastinating. Wild Boar as a totem tells us that we already posses the courage to face any situation that life brings our way…we just have to stop ignoring it and move forward. I think that we all realize that half of any battle is won when we acknowledge and accept what is presented to us. Use your inner courage and take on whatever is making you uncomfortable or fearful.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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