Oh surely the Ant doesn’t work with lessons in Native American Totems, you say.  Yes the tiny little ant can teach us much wisdom.  It can give us many lessons but the strongest message is the one of patience.  Let us find out today about the tiny little creature…the Ant.

ant totem

An Ant can carry a leaf over hundreds of miles just to get it back to its anthill. There are ants in Africa that will strip a forest bare if their food is scarce.  It might take them a year to do it but they will get it done.  The medicine of Ant is the strategy of patience.  Ant shares characteristics of many of the other animal totems. Like Beaver, ant is a builder.  Ant can be aggressive like Badger.  It can match Elk in stamina and knows scrutiny like Mouse.

There is a group mind in every anthill as all of the ants work for the Queen and the hive itself. Self-sacrifice is a part of Ant medicine but patience is by far the strongest of its gifts.

People with Ant medicine are active and community minded people.  They are planners of great magnitude and are quite content to see their dreams being built slowly and methodically over time.  There is a trust in Ant that the Universe will provide and that whatever is yours will come to you in its time.

If you were drawn to this message today, what is Ant telling you? Ant says it is time to show some trust and patience in a life situation.  Have you forgotten that you will always receive what you need at the time you need it the most?  This thing that you know you need but isn’t just around the corner for you, do you need to use some strategy to get it closer?

Also, Ant always works for the good of the community. Are you? Remember the universal community wants goodness for you and it will be provided. It just takes some powerful patience from you at times.

Have you ever looked at Ant this way? I know I had not.  Society usually looks at Ant as a nuisance.  So, this lesson reminded me that respect of all creatures is important and that we all have a purpose on Mother Earth.  I know I will never look at Ant in the same way after having researched how it falls in the Native American Totems.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We ARE all related

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