Some might think that the Toucan would be an unusual bird to be one of the Native American Totem Animals. After all, you might say, Brother Toucan is not indigenous to North America.  Remember the animal spirit that decides you need to share in it’s medicine does not have to be one that lives near you.

You might live in the cold regions of the north, yet you have always felt a connection with this colorful bird. Perhaps Brother Toucan is only a messenger totem animal for you and you have suddenly become fascinated with him. You notice pictures of the bird or you dream about him.

What lessons or medicine does Toucan have for you in this instance?  With his colorful appearance and large bill he shows us the desire to be seen and heard.  Toucan, as a native totem, may be telling you that it is time to step forward and stand in the forefront instead of the shadows.

Brother Toucan is the representative of showmanship and communications.  So a craving for attention may call him to you so that he can help you figure out why you are feeling this need. This bird totem can also help you boost your self esteem if you are feeling low about yourself.

You may show the world a clowning persona in order to hide your own insecurities. Toucan comes to mirror your behavior and to show you that you can safely take off your mask and reveal the truth of your inner self.

Toucan has been a totem for centuries often visiting peoples in their dreams when we lived in a time that they would not encounter this bird in the wild. A time before television, movies, or the technology we have today. It is said that Toucan came to Storyteller one of The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers to assist her in a lesson she was trying to teach humans while she walked the Earth. Brother Toucan will come in the dreamtime to warn humans of life threatening situations. He comes to to remind us to be aware of situations that could be harmful to our well being.

So, you see, even a funny bird like Brother Toucan can be a animal totem that can teach us much as we journey here on Mother Earth.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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