Totem Jewelry Might Assist You In Your Learning

Since I started this blog back in 2009, I have talked about individual animal totems and their meanings. I have shared the medicines that they bring to us and I usually suggest that if a animal spirit is working with us that we have something near us that we can see, touch, or feel that will help us to concentrate on the lessons we are to learn. For women one solution would be to have a unique piece of jewelry crafted in the form of an animal spirit that is special to them. Of course men can choose a piece of jewelry representing a totem but women seem to have better choices.

The holidays are fast approaching as I write this post and I thought it might be helpful to suggest that you might tell your family and friends that you would really enjoy a piece of totem jewelry as a gift. It might not be something that they would think of on their own, but will probably be a welcome suggestion for them to consider. You can pick your most favored piece of jewelry to wear. It could be a pin or brooch, a pendant, or bracelet. Their are many options for most totem animals jewelry.

I am very fond of brooches and pins, myself. I love wearing them on my jackets and coats and switch them often depending on my mood or a particular lesson I might be working with. Of course, they can also be worn on a blouse, shirt, or suit jacket, too. They can be attached to a hat or purse, too. So for me a brooch or pin has a lot of options instead of wearing a necklace or bracelet. It is up to you as to the jewelry that you prefer.

Which Totem Should You Pick

Again, that is entirely up to you. I usually pick one of my Power Totems as a piece of jewelry because they are walking with me every day on my journey here on Earth. Your birth totem would be a good choice. I also have a piece or two that represents the Clan of my birth, too.

Raven Totem Pendant

As an example of what I am talking about let’s look at the Raven Totem. This animal spirit could be your birth totem if you were born between September 22nd/23rd through October 22nd/23rd or Raven could be one of your power totems. You could opt for a Sterling Silver Raven Pendant like the one shown at the right. You might find it helpful to wear a piece of jewelry like this to remind you of the connection to the magic within you and the Great Mystery.

Of course the totem you choose to wear is entirely up to you, just choose one that has a strong meaning to you to remind you that the animal spirit walks with you on your path. The style of jewelry is your choice, too. A pin, a bracelet, or pendant worn throughout the day might make a noticeable difference for you.

~Mitayue Oyasin~ We are all related

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