I have written about the Mouse Totem before, but I thought I would revisit the meaning of the mouse totem again today after a discussion I had with a friend of mine last week.

The main lesson that we get from the animal spirit of Mouse is scrutiny. The Ancestors taught that if it weren’t for little brother Mouse we would have no knowledge system in place to know what came before us. From the very beginning our little mouse friend knew that there is always something new to learn in our lives and there are so many methods to use to go deeper into a subject. If we listen close enough we might hear our Mouse totem say, “I will touch everything with my whiskers so that I might know about each thing.”

If we think about the medicine of mouse we can see that there can be great power in it but also if we are not careful it can become a weakness. Used properly we can get good medicine by an ability to closely look at things and pay attention to the details. However, if we begin to chew up every little thing we can create some bad medicine.

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Little brother and sister mouse have a very intuitive sense of danger within them. They have to or them just might become the dinner of a predator like a bird, snake, or cat! If we think about this we can draw some correlation into the the world that we two-legged humans live in today. In our world we are called upon to use our organizational skills each day and we should always scrutinize the details as we go along. The totem of mouse helps us to see the importance of events around us that others might deem insignificant and not worth checking out.

People who do not share mouse medicine might look at those who do as nit-pickers. That isn’t exactly fair but mouse people do take some of the simplest of tasks and sort, categorize, and file away until they need it later. It isn’t being nit-picky, they just know the information and details just might come in handy some day in the future. People who are being guided with a Mouse totem are often mistaken as hoarders. They really are not, they just know instinctively that with things tucked away they can come back later to investigate later when they have more time.

If you were drawn to this post today, the universe is probably suggesting that it is time to take a look at yourself or others in your life. Scrutiny is being called into play about something. It might be time to examine closer the “hunk of cheese” you are tempted by…careful it might be a deadly trap! Show some caution as you start to go round that corner…cat may be waiting to pounce! Is there someone in your life that you have trusted to watch something for you? They might not be doing the task as faithfully as you had hoped. The mouse totem is telling you, “Look at what is right in front of you. Is there action that needs to happen?”

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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