Lynx Symbolism

It is no surprise that some people with great knowledge in the ways of the animal spirits and their medicines believe that the Sphinx in Egypt is not a lion but a lynx. This stone creature does not say much, it just sits watching over the sands of forever with its puzzling smile as if it knows a secret. The Lynx Totem or medicine is where we go when we want to find out about a secret. You might find it difficult, however; to get this cat to share the secret with you. It can be done but not without payment of some kind. We will talk about the payment a little later down in the page.

It isn’t so much that Lynx guards secrets, it actually knows all secrets. When this powerful totem animal spirit starts to work with you, you are being put on notice that there is something about yourself or others that you do not know.

Lynx Medicine Is Quite Specific

Lynx is the keeper of the secrets of lost magical systems and occult knowledge. You will experience a specific type of clairvoyance when this animal spirit works with you in a strong way. Mental pictures concerning other people will come into your mind showing you things that they have hidden from you or themselves. Their fears, lies, or self deceptions will be revealed to you. You might not see mental images but hear the singing voice in your inner ear. Secrets will be reveled in some way to you.

You might find that the Lynx totem is subtler in its approach, especially if it is only acting as a messenger totem and it is not one of your power totems. In this case, Lynx does not plan to walk next to you on your Earth journey for a long time. It just wants to call your attention to secrets that need to be revealed.

Types Of Lynx

There are four living species of Lynx in the world today. They are:

  • Eurasian Lynx
  • Iberian Lynx
  • Canada Lynx
  • Bobcat

Bobcat, Sonoran Desert, Arizona

Bobcat In Arizona by Tom Walker at

Law Of The Lynx People

I mentioned earlier that it is sometimes difficult to get the information you need from Lynx. If you are finding that you can’t seem to hear or see the messages from the animal spirit of Lynx on your own, you could consult a Lynx medicine person. Cultures who practice this include Native American, Gypsy, Sufi, and Egyptian and a few others. There is only one way to get a Lynx medicine person to reveal the information and that is by respecting the practices of the culture. A Gypsy will expect the payment of money after she or he has done a reading for you. A Native American will expect a blanket or tobacco as a gift after they have helped you with the medicine you desired.

You Know The Secret Now What?

This is really important to remember! When brother or sister Lynx has revealed the secrets to you about yourself or someone else…it has to remain a secret. You now know it but you can not speak of it. That would let the “cat out of the bag”. Let the cat have your tongue and smile that enigmatic smile of the Lynx…only you need to know what you are smiling about.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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