My friend Michey is having a birthday today, so I wanted to share her Birth Totem of Salmon with her and my readers. But first…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Michey!

Salmon as a Native American Totem gives us medicine concerning wisdom and inner-knowing. Sometimes fighting strong currents from the river, this fish will always return to the place of its origin.  Salmon has a determination driven by instinct and inner knowing that will not allow external forces to thwart its journey. People who have Salmon as a messenger totem or birth totem will be people who finish what they begin, bringing the events of life and their cycles to a closure.

The medicine of Salmon honors all encounters in life with reverence, knowing that they are gatherings of wisdom. Salmon teaches us that even when the flow of life seems to push us back, we know that we can connect with the resources of our human spirit and our personal inner knowing.  Swimming up stream against the current is not always easy in life but honoring our wisdom and instincts to do what is right will carry us through.

When Salmon is in your life you should always reflect on personal experience to determine if the tides are ebbing or flowing in a direction that will benefit your forward movement or growth. It is important to go back to the beginning and retrace your path that brought you where you are and then to honor your wisdom before you make your decision on any event at hand.

The silver skin of Salmon reflects lessons much like a mirror. The lessons will show us opportunities in all situations, the wisdom comes from being willing to listen to the voices of others along with our own quiet inner voice to choose the path to swim on.  People with Salmon medicine do sometimes struggle with the reflections and have to remember to embrace the lessons they have learned along their path and value their inner voice along with the experiences they have gained in life.

Salmon reminds us that every bend in the river is an adventure, some will be easy to navigate and others will be difficult.  This totem teaches us about determination, perseverance, generosity, and strength and to look at situations not as hardships but wisdom gained along the way. When combining the experiences of life, the voices of  those swimming with us, and our inner voice; Salmon will help us to swim a path up the river that brings honor to our beginnings.

To find out more about my friend Michey and her writing you can visit her blog Michaela’s Blog where she shares some of the wisdom that her Salmon totem has helped her gather while she has swam through the river of life.

~Mitakuye Oyasin! We are all related

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