Lessons From Raccoon

I was recently asked by a regular reader to revisit the Raccoon as a Native American totem and to share with her the totem medicine as she is being taught by the little bandit of the animal kingdom at the moment. I am happy to do this because I truly love the message that raccoon works with us on. This creature teacher can be best referred to as the animal version of Robin Hood. His lesson is one of caring and generosity. Standing up for the underdog and providing for those in need.

When brother or sister raccoon comes into your spiritual radar, you are being asked to get in touch with your inner warrior to become a provider and protector. There is a slight twist to this, though. You must learn to protect and provide in a way that does not make the ones you are helping to become dependent on your help.

Raccoon Rascals Postcard
Raccoon Rascals Postcard by naturegirl7 from zazzle

If you have ever watched a merry little band of raccoons scouting for food, you can’t helped to have been entertained. Often they seem to be playing with the food before they ever begin to settle down to actually eat it. Notice, however, that there is always a lookout posted somewhere close to warn of danger. Most times it will be the dominant male of the group. Before the others eat their food, they will take the best morsels to their sentinel to honor his or her vigilance in protecting the group. A rare and uncommon trait in both humans and animals…no greed. They understand the universal law of giving back to the source of their strength, protection, and guidance. Instinctively, they know that benevolence and generosity comes around full circle to the givers.

When The Raccoon Totem Comes To You

This creature teacher is asking you to look around and determine who might be in need of your strength. Is there someone you should speak up for when others are gossiping? Perhaps you need to give some time or energy to the less fortunate while also teaching them how to develop their own skills in protection and providing.

You must also remember to provide for your own needs so that there is something to give when called upon. So, sometimes Raccoon comes to remind you that you have given too much of yourself and it is time to honor your own needs.

Keep mindful of the “takers” who are too needy and too greedy and never give back. Balanced medicine from Raccoon dictates that you not waste your generosity on those who do not help themselves, who are too lazy to learn self-reliance, or contribute something of themselves.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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