The main lesson or medicine of Opossum is diversion.  Let’s learn together what this Native American totem teaches us.

Missing You Card card
The greatest form of protection that Opossum has is to play dead. It confuses many of his predators into believing that the game has ended. It is not uncommon for the rival to walk away and then cunning little Opossum runs for safety.

There is a great deal of strategy involved with this medicine. If all else fails…play dead! This funny little creature has the ability to use its claws and teeth in a fight but rarely does so.  Opossum uses the supreme strategy of diversion when things get too difficult to handle.  Our funny little brother would receive an Oscar in the animal world if that were possible.  It confuses it’s enemies by actually excreting a musk scent of death to create the diversion.

When Opossum comes to us as a teacher it is telling us that strategy is required in a present situation. We should rely on our instincts for the best way to get out of a tight corner.  If it takes pretending to be apathetic or unafraid, then do it.  Many times in life if we refuse to struggle or show that hurtful words effect us, our taunters will leave us alone because the game isn’t fun any longer.

Native American Warriors have used Opossum medicine for centuries. They played dead when the enemy drew near or outnumbered them.  When the enemy least expected it the Warriors would leap up and the war cry was heard creating further confusion.  These First People knew that victory was so much sweeter when won with mental strategy along with physical prowess.

The message from Opossum may be telling you to be clever in achieving your victory and to expect the unexpected.  The victory could be something as simple as a nosey neighbor or a bothersome co-worker. Pretty much this little creature is telling you to use your brain, element of surprise, and some drama to reach the progress you desire.

~ Mitakuye Oyasin ~ We are all related

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