The Hawk totem or lesson is one of the messenger, much like Mercury was the messenger to the gods. When brother Hawk comes to us with his lessons he tells us that we need to be ever vigilant observations of life around us. What signals are being sent our way?

Think about Hawk in the wild. When he gives out his shrill call, it is normally a warning sign. In essence be aware something is coming or beware something dangerous is lurking. When the spirit of Hawk comes into our lives he is giving that call and it is up to us to be receptive enough to know if he brings us warning or a blessing. We should seek the truth of the call.

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When the hawk totem flies into our lives, we need to open ourselves up to the powers of own perceptions without allowing our emotions to cloud the true meaning of that which is around us. He may be alerting us to be aware of an opportunity that is coming our way. We can not let previous fears or emotional blocks to interfere with the choice to accept the blessing.

Brother Hawk also reminds us that we should not concern ourselves with telling others what to believe or how to live. We need to take care of our own baggage of life and heed our own messages; allowing others to hear what they are supposed to hear in their own way.

Accept the vision from the keen eye of Hawk that was meant for you with a bold heart so that you can enjoy the privilege of flight and the freedom to soar.

~Mitakaye Oyasin~ We are all related

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