What do eagles in Iowa have to do with Native American Totems, my regular readers might be thinking when they see this post today. My answer is that I believe seeing these eagles in their nest raising their newly hatched little eaglets has much to do with learning the lessons of the eagle totem meaning. Brother and Sister Eagle teach us that wisdom comes in many forms and sometimes strange ways but that wisdom is always connected with the Great Spirit. I honestly don’t see how if someone takes a few minutes out of their day that they won’t feel some connection with a higher being.

I got hooked a couple of weeks ago on viewing the live camera installed in a cottonwood tree in the upper northeast corner of Iowa near the town of Decorah. The eagle camera is on 24/7 and is rapidly approaching 5 million views. Obviously I am not the only person in the world peeking in on the life of Eagles in their nest. So many people in the chat room remark on what a wonderful gift this is to be able to see first hand how Eagles interact with each other and their young. The project is sponsored by the Raptor Resource organization and credit should be given to them for their dedication to learning more about the life of Eagles. I can’t help but feel that there was some divine direction in the placing of the camera but you can make up your own minds.

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Well, Bev you still aren’t explaining what this has to do with my understanding the eagle totem. Most times when one finds that a creature teacher like the eagle is working with them to bring them medicine or a lesson, they are directed to observe the animal in the wild. Learning how they approach life is often giving you the answers to what you should be working with in your own life.

This particular pair of Eagles in Decorah, Iowa have been together since 2007 and have successfully hatched 14 eggs as of this spring. Mom and Dad will be mates for life and it is remarkable to see first hand how they work together as a team tending to their little eaglets. One will be in the nest while the other goes out hunting for food and they take turns in feeding the little “peepers”. The little eaglets are growing so fast and getting stronger each day. Watching their antic as they establish their own pecking order in the nest is not only precious but hysterical.

If Eagle has chosen to work with you, I believe that you can gain much from watching the Eagles in Iowa to receive the messages that are meant for you. In the coming weeks, I will revisit this topic and add some observations that I have gained.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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