When a creature teacher is working with us to give us totem medicine we are often directed to many different forms of that Animal Spirit. One way that Eagle may try to get your attention is in Eagle Art. I mentioned in my last post that I have been watching the Decorah, Iowa eagle nest via the camera installed above the nest, a calling for me, I think.

I am already aware that Eagle walks with me along my journey here on Earth. Brother and Sister Eagle keep me grounded as one of my power totems and Eagle is also my personal Spirit Keeper. So, I’m not surprised when I start to get strong messages from this majestic creature. My instincts say that if you have been drawn to this post that you are also being given some needed medicine from Eagle.

A fellow Eagle enthusiast who visits the chat room at the Decorah eagle camera has created some wonderful Eagle Art. My hunch is that Eagle works with him, too. John Proffitt has created some wonderful art honoring Eagle.

The above image is from John’s work. It is his tribute to Mother Eagle from the Decorah Nest. He has captured her essence so well. I notice that he even shaded her eyes which is one way that we can tell which parent is on the nest at any given time, by their distinct eyes.

When John isn’t watching the nest or creating Eagle art, he is a singer and songwriter. He also loves to do oil paintings of landscapes as he states on his website. He also graciously donates a portion of his sales of his eagle prints to the Raptor Resource Project.

John also painted a tribute to Father Eagle that I think is remarkable.

I love how he has Dad in a pose that appears that he is about to swoop down and grab food for the nest. Father Eagle is a very good hunter and brings all sorts of items to the nest during the day. Fish, squirrels, and rabbits are lovingly brought in to feed his little eaglets and Mom. It is so sweet when we see him offer Mom a morsel, too.

I would like to publicly thank John Proffitt for taking the time to honor this wonderful pair of Eagles and hope that you will take a look at his website to see his other Eagle art.

For centuries the Indigenous Peoples have honored and learned from Eagle. This creature teacher tells us that we can achieve a state of grace through hard work, understanding, and completing tests of initiation. By trusting our connection to Great Spirit we earn the right to use the essence of Eagle medicine. Through the highs of life and the lows of life we are initiated into a most precious connection to our Creator. Thank you Brother and Sister Eagle for working with me and so many others.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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