In Native American traditions the Eagle is a most sacred and revered bird.  When Eagle comes to us as a totem, we are honored and humbled for his teachings.

Eagle medicine is a connection to the Divine, a power of the Great Spirit.  Being able to live in the realm of spirit and remain connected and balanced with the realm of Mother Earth is a gift from Eagle.  An eagle soars to great heights and is quick to scrutinize the expansiveness within the overall patterns of life.  From the clouds, Eagle is close to where the Great Spirit resides.

In many of the belief systems of the Indigenous Peoples of North America, Eagle represents a state of grace which is achieved by hard work, understanding, and completion of tests of initiation which result in taking of one’s personal power.  Many believe that it is only through experiencing the lows in life as well as the highs that one can earn the right to use Eagle medicine.

Eagle can show himself to you in many ways. If you use the medicine cards, it can come to you in a spread. There are other ways though. Perhaps you are suddenly seeing an eagle in flight around where you live or work.  Maybe you are suddenly seeing eagles as pictures or figures and they are catching your attention.  Eagle may be trying to tell you something.

He may be reminding you to take heart and gather your courage for you are being given a gift from the Universe to soar above the mundane levels of your life to something special.  Being able to recognize this opportunity may come in the form of a spiritual test.  You may recognize the places within your soul, personality, emotions, or psyche that need bolstering or refinement. Eagle teaches us to broaden our senses beyond the horizon of what is currently visible.

The ever present breath of Great Spirit will create breezes for the wings of our souls if we learn to fiercely attack our personal fears. As important as it is to feed our bodies, it is more important to feed our souls.  It is time to reconnect with the element of air.

Eagle will bring illumination to us if we have been walking in the shadows of former realities. He teaches us to look higher and to touch Grandfather Sun with our hearts. To love the shadow as well as the light and to see the beauty in both.

Eagle as an animal totem gives us permission to follow the joy in our hearts and to know that freedom does not have to be something we long for.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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