Crow Reminds Us Of Universal Law

It is said that Crow once had a fascination with her own shadow.  She wouldn’t leave her shadow alone.  Crow would scratch at it, look at it, and peck at it until one day her shadow awakened and came to life.  Crow’s shadow ate her and now Crow is dead.

Dead Crow became the Left-Handed Guardian.  If you were to look deeply into Crow’s eyes you would find the gateway to the supernatural. You see Crow knows the unknown mysteries of creation and is the keeper of all sacred law.

Being the keeper of sacred law, Crow can bend the laws of the physical universe and shape shift.  It is a rare ability and few adepts exist in today’s world and even fewer had mastered Crow’s art of shape shifting.

All sacred texts are under the protection of Crow. The Creator’s Book of Laws is bound in Crow feathers.  Ogallah, ancient records, are also protected by Crow.

The Sacred Law Belts which were also called Wampum Belts that were beaded by Native women long before the Europeans came to the North American continent contain knowledge of the Great Spirit’s laws.  They are kept in the lodges of women or the Black Lodges. Crow signifies the law that “all things are born of women”.

Human law is not the same as Sacred Law. Crow, more than any other medicine, sees the physical world and even the spiritual world as humans interpret them are an illusion. If a person obeys Crow’s perfect laws as given to us by the Creator, they will die a Good Medicine death and will go to the next incarnation with a clear memory of their past.

When Crow comes to you it is an omen of change.  It is time for you to pause and reflect on how you see the laws of the Great Spirit in relation to the laws of humans.  You will need to walk your talk,  speak your truths,  and balance past, present and future in the now of your life.

Remember, you do not choose the totem that comes to you with medicine. The totem chooses you.  You can certainly ask humbly that Crow help you but unless it is your time to receive a message Crow will not come.

~ Mitakuye Oyasin ~ We are all related

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