The totem or medicine of the Black Panther reminds us that darkness is the place for both seeking and finding answers. It is a place to accept healing. The darkness is a place for us to access the hidden light of truth. Through our dreams, Sister Panther teaches us to delve into the places within ourselves to find the things in need of healing. Just as a Black Panther we must track the unfamiliar territory of self-discovery and to be as fearless as she in facing the unknown.

If Black Panther is working with you as a totem she may be telling you not to worry about the future. She could be reminding you that you need to trust that you are not supposed to “figure it out” right now. It might be a time for you to confront your fears of the unknown. Do you fear being less than you truly are? Are you frightened to just BE yourself? Sister Panther says to let go of the fears because they are obstacles in your growth.  Embrace your unknown and flow with the unfolding journey of your life.

When working with Black Panther, or should I say when she is working with us, we need to let go of the negative people and limiting thoughts. There is no reason to fear being alone. When we are out of balance we have a tendency to allow the shadows create demons of fear in us. Trust Black Panther to guide you in the darkness.

Snuggle into Black Panther’s dark fur and let her guide you into the emptiness of the void. Do not let the shadows overcome you but instead embrace the unknown and trust that what is coming is good and right for your personal journey.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Lifelike stuffed black panther watching over you

AD  Lifelike stuffed black panther watching over you

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