As I reflected about which totem to write about this week, the thoughts of the bird totem of wren came to my mind. Perhaps it is because I am hungry for Spring to arrive and the wren totem has its cycle of power in the season of Spring. It may also be because there have been events in my life, of late, that call for being resourceful and maybe even a little bold. Those are the qualities of this small bird.

In some ways the stocky little bird is adored as much as the robin is. One can’t help but admire this feathered brother for his appearance of being so self-assured, often walking around with his tail feathers cocked up. He is a little on the sneaky side, too. Often the male will build several fake nests to trick his predators before he and his mate settle in to the real nest. Pretty resourceful for such a wee creature.

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The lower classes in medieval Europe believed that the wren was the pet bird of the Virgin Mary. Some traditions considered this feathered creature teacher a sacred bird and were friends to the gods and goddesses of their culture. Their feathers were used to prevent drowning and it was considered very unlucky to kill a wren.

Wrens often sing more than some of the larger birds of an area. He is so confident in his abilities that he may sing all day long. If his singing happens to attract another bird or even an animal that seems threatening, brother wren will not hesitate for a second to confront the intruder.

If you landed on this page, the totem of wren may be working with you as well. Things that we should ask ourselves as Brother Wren begins to work with us are interesting and I know that some of them apply to me right now. Am I using the resources available to me as I should? Have I been lax in showing the right amount of confidence? Am I as grounded as I should be right now? Have I fallen into a place where I can’t see the proverbial forest for all of the trees? Have I forgotten to sing because I have been worried? Have I been attacking life with the gusto that I should?

Brother Wren reminds us of the medicine of using what is available to us and shows us the most effective ways to build in our own circumstances and environment.

~Beverly Two Feathers~

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