The tiny little Ant has some interesting lessons as a Native American Totem.  Last month I talked about the Four Directions spread that I did for myself. Ant is the animal totem that is working with me to learn the lesson of the South Direction. If you recall that was the “Taking of the Shawl” card, the message was to return home. Brother Ant is telling me to have patience in my South Direction.

In the animal kingdom ant has the characteristics of other creatures. It is a builder like Beaver, aggressive like Badger, has the stamina of Elk, the scrutiny of Mouse and the give-away traits of Turkey.  Ant always has a group mindset since all ants work for the Queen and the hive. Ant medicine has a message of self-sacrifice but most importantly it has the medicine of patience.

People with Ant medicine are planners and are satisfied with the knowledge that their dreams are being built a little at a time.  They know that what is theirs will come to them, they just have to have the patience for it to come.  It is about trusting in the Universe to provide.

When I saw that Ant was the totem that would help me to Take On The Shawl, it made so much sense.  In order for me to “return home” to that person who embraces inner joy, I need the patience of Ant and the knowing that it will come. I can get caught up in all of the distractions around me that I sometimes lose patience and want things to happen quicker than they are supposed to in my journey. In doing so, I lose that inner peace and simple happiness.  Little ant with its strategy of building and planning reminds me to just be patient. There is a joy in patience! Ant also reminds me that if I look to spread joy to the whole then the whole will return that joy to me.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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