One of the Bird Totems is flying around my head this morning telling me that a very special person has a birthday today. We know her as AJ2008 and she is always juggling something. So Happy Birthday, AJ from me and your birth totems!

AJ,  did you know that you were born under the Corn Planting Moon which is also sometimes called the Budding Moon or the Flower Moon depending on different tribal traditions? Your birth totem is Sister Deer. She gives us the medicine of Gentleness and tells us we need to find the gentleness of spirit that heals all wounds. She teaches us to stop pushing so hard to get others to change and to love them as they are. Sister Deer teaches us to always use gentleness in any situation we are facing, it is the tool of your soul.

Wabun (Golden Eagle) has been your Spirit Keeper since the day of your birth. Wabun brings the eternal promise of spring, the promise of dawn. Each moment can be a new beginning according to Wabun.  The gifts of spontaneity, playfulness, wonder, inquisitiveness, and truth saying come from Wabun. This Spirit Keeper brings the abilities to explore, to feel high energy, to be full of curiosity, to question everything, and to have the determination to see what is around the corner.

Butterfly chose for you to be born into her clan which is associated with Air. The Medicine of Butterfly is Transformation. Butterfly Clan people are always active physically, mentally, and emotionally. Butterfly people have new ideas and unexpected ways of doing things. Like Air they are always changing and shifting. Have you noticed how different everything looks outside when a sudden gust of wind is blowing? Things are moving, swaying and changing shape. As Air transforms things, so do Butterfly Clan people. They often want change now, and tend to manipulate to make a change happen now. They are always looking for ways to serve their people and are often in the positions of service for the healing of mind, spirit, body. People of the Butterfly Clan have their major responsibility to the Air. They enjoy being outside when the wind is blowing, not confined, and will have their best inspirations then.

So, AJ you might have been born across the big pond on this day but we all originally came from indigenous peoples who shared much of the same beliefs. Today, Sister Deer, Wabun, the Butterfly Clan and I join our hearts and wish you a day of happiness, a day of gentleness, a day of new beginnings and changing winds! Mino-dibishkan (Ojibwa for Happy Birthday)

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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