The Totem Of Bear In A Calendar

Bears 2017 Wall Calendar

Native American tribes believe that it is the purpose of the bear to protect the forests. The animal spirit of Bear also is a birth totem to people born between August 22nd to September 22nd which is the time of the Harvest Moon. Mudjekeewis or Bear is also the Spirit Keeper of the West direction of the Medicine Wheel and is also considered to be the “Father of all the Winds” by many Native American traditions. It is only fitting that a calendar celebrating the Bear be a part of this blog.

Across the world in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia there are eight living species of bears. The bear population has steadily declined in the last century. We humans have encroached on their habitats too much and they have been hunted too much. Perhaps if we think about it, if we were to save the sacred bear, we just might also save our wilderness. In this calendar we find the guardian of the West and of nature itself in its own natural environment.


bears calendar
Bears 2017 Wall Calendar


  • Format: Standard Wall
  • Size Closed: 12 inches by 12 inches
  • Size Opened: 24 inches by 12 inches
  • Binding: Stapled
  • Time Span: 12 month +5
  • Publisher: Wyman Publishing


You can learn more about the Spirit Keeper Of The West and the medicines that can be learned by the sacred animal, Bear.

You can pre-order this bear calender with expected shipping to start after August 12, 2016.

A couple of other options for a calendar featuring wild bears are also available for the 2017 year. One features art depicting the life of a bear and the other features bears of the wild from the grizzley to the polar bear and the others in between.

Bear CalendarGreat Bears CalendarCheck Availability

Black Bears CalendarBlack Bears CalendarCheck Availability


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