Native Art Engagement Calendar

Inuit Art Cape Dorset 2018 Softcover Weekly Planner (Bilingual)

On Baffin Island, which is about 1,200 miles north of Toronto, Canada there is a community of multi-generational gifted artists. They work each winter in the print making studios of Cape Dorset. The studios produce highly decorative and striking works of  tribal art. On the pages of this colorful calendar there are thirty-two Inuit prints. The calendar is bilingual in English and French. This engagement calendar includes 57 weekly grids along with 13 monthly grids. It is softcover and has flaps. Wire bound with 120 pages. Weeks begin with Monday in this wonderful Inuit Art engagement calendar. Published by Pomegranate.

Inuit Art Cape Dorset Softcover 2018 Weekly Planner (Bilingual)


  • Format: Softcover Engagement
  • Size Closed: 8.5 inches x 6.25 inches
  • Size Opened: 8.5 inches x 12.0 inches
  • Grid Size: Small Rectangle
  • Binding: Wire-O
  • Time Span: 52-week

Calendar will be ready to ship to your home or office around May 31, 2017 to begin your planning for 2018.

The Inuit are sometimes mistakenly referred to as Eskimo, especially in the United States. They are actually a group of peoples who are similar culturally who inhabit the Arctic regions of Canada, United States, Greenland, and Russia. The Inuit of Canada have been given the distinction of being an aboriginal Canadian group and are not included in the First Nations of Canada.

A nice selection to help keep yourself organized with appointments, birthdays, and the day to day things that keep us busy each month.

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