Standing People Calendars

Trees are the Plant Kingdom Chiefs and give of themselves to provide so much for both humans and the creatures of the Earth. These Standing People provide oxygen for all living things while providing a place to live for the winged creatures. Small animals might take up residence in the hollow of an old tree. Some Standing People might provide food while others provide shade and shelter from the elements.

There are totem lessons or medicines both physical and spiritual from the many types of trees on Mother Earth. Having a calendar to remind you throughout the year can be helpful in your journey of life.

The Majesty of Trees 2017 Wall Calendar

A tribute to the skyscrapers of Mother Earth. Features the original open air buildings that provide housing, food, and protection for many of the planet’s creatures. An easy way to commune with the fathers of the forest.

A standard wall calendar published by BrownTrout covers a span of 12 months + six bonus months. Place your order now as it is in stock and ready to ship.

The Nature of Trees 2017 Wall Calendar

The ethereal images of trees by photographer Paul Kozal captures our imaginations and piques our curiosity with his black and white photos of the Standing People (trees).

A standard wall calendar measuring 12 inches by 12 inches it is published by Sellers Publishing and covers 12 months of the year. Shipping for this wall calendar has already begun, it is in stock and ready to ship.

Trees 2017 Wall Calendar

Wall calendar features 12 months of glorious tree photographs from around the world. Each tree which is a symbol of life as a whole is identified to increase your knowledge of the different types of Standing People. Ample medium square grids for recording those important appointments and celebrations on. Shipping is planned to begin after August 24, 2016.

The above examples are but a few of the wonderful calendars for 2016 that are available for you to hang in your home or carry with you in an engagement format. We can learn much from the Standing People or trees if we just take some time to investigate and reflect on their teachings.

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