Moose Totem

Moose Wall Calendar 2017

When Moose comes to us as a Totem animal we learn about Self Respect. This creature teacher resides in the North of the Native American Medicine wheel which represents a place of wisdom. People with Moose medicine have the ability to know when it is time to use the gentleness of Deer or when to stampede like a Buffalo. Moose teaches us to understand that there is a balance to be obtained. Sometimes it is time to give orders and other times we need to be willing to just do it ourselves. If Moose is a power totem for you or just acting as a messenger totem, having a calendar to contemplates his lessons is helpful.

In the wild the Moose is always impressive. There is a universal  appeal with  Moose and even an amusing quality to this largest in the deer family.

moose calendar
2017 Moose Wall Calendar


  • Format is Standard Wall
  • Size when closed: 12.0 ” x 12.0 “
  • Size when opened: 24.0 ” x 12.0 “
  • Grid Size is Large Square
  • Binding: Stapled
  • Time Span: 12 month
  • Publisher: Willow Creek

Moose as a Native American totem reminds us to “bellow” our feelings of joy and pride and let it echo across the valleys and mountains. Having good self-esteem that is in balance is important in our lives.

moose wall calendar
Moose 2017 Wall Calendar

To learn more about the Moose totem, visit this page here on the blog: Lessons From The Moose.

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