Hummingbird Totem Featured In A Calendar

Pictures of hummingbirds can help you with the medicine that you are to learn when the Hummingbird is your totem. This tiniest of birds can be a messenger totem which comes into your life for a short or long while or it can be one of your power totems that will fly along your life’s path with you while here on Mother Earth. Since many people do not live in an area where hummingbirds are prevalent we must remind ourselves of the lessons through pictures and a calendar with images of this little feathered friend is a perfect way to do that. If nothing else, it will bring you Joy which is the main medicine of the hummingbird.

Symbolism Of Hummingbirds

Did you know that for over a millennium hummingbird feathers have been used in making love charms? It is believed that the hummingbird conjures up love as no other medicine does. A feather from this bird can open your heart. If our hearts are not open and loving, we can never truly taste the nectar and bliss of life. Creator made hummingbird to be slightly different from all of the other feathered creatures of the Earth.

Hummingbird Pocket Planner

Posh Hummingbird Grace 2015 Monthly PlannerHummingbird 2015 Pocket PlannerHummingbird 2015 Pocket Planner (unfortunately no longer available)
Perfect to carry in your purse or briefcase this small format calendar or pocket planner features twelve photos of the brightly colored hummingbird. See close-up photos of this magical bird each month as you keep your life organized and reflect on the message of your hummingbird totem.

If Hummingbird Is Your Personal Medicine

When you share your life with this little bird, you are a lover of life and all of the joys that belong to it. You bring joy to others just from your presence. You have a knack for bringing people together in a way that enhances the best in them. As you comfortably move through your beautiful environment, you help others taste the succulent nectar of life.

The busy lives of hummingbirds are shared with little captions in this calendar for 2016. Michael and Patricia Fogden celebrate these tiny feathered friends with photographs for each month. Hummingbirds tirelessly dart among flowers, probing for nectar with their needlelike bills. They are poetry in motion, their purring wings tracing a perpetual figure eight. Watch them work and play, shimmer and flash in the sky with their stained-glass beauty.

A few options for a standard wall calendar that is typically 12 inches wide are featured below. Get ready to laugh and enjoy life with these amazing photos. As you keep your life organized remember to relax and feel the joys of life as the tiny little teacher creature, Hummingbird, reminds us to.

2017 Standard Wall Calendar2016 Standard Wall CalendarCHECK AVAILABILITY

Hummingbirds 2017Hummingbirds 2016CHECK AVAILABILITY

Using a calendar to follow Sister Hummingbird throughout the year will most assuredly fill your life with paroxysms of joy and renew the magic of living in your soul.

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