Butterfly Totem Meaning

If you sense the fluttering of a creature teacher around your inner self, you might like to understand the Butterfly totem meaning. It is quite possible this animal spirit has come to share some medicine with you.

Sister Butterfly reminds us of our ability to know our mind and the ability to also change our mind from the art of transformation. We humans mimic the butterfly in a way. We are always at some sort of stage of activity which can be associated with the stages of transformation that Sister Butterfly goes through in her life cycle.

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Whether it is a personal stage of life or related to our work life the stages can be broken down into:

  • Egg Stage – the beginning of all things
  • Larva Stage – we are bringing the idea into the physical world
  • Cocoon Stage – developing the idea, plan, or change
  • Birth Stage – transforms into reality

When we understand which stage we are in, then Butterfly Totem can show us what we need to do to get to the next stage. Perhaps you have been feeling less than energetic lately and you have asked in your prayers to be healed from this feeling of exhaustion. If the Butterfly Totem is working with you, pay attention to the colors you are drawn to at the moment. Do you feel perkier when wearing yellow? Should you be eating more yellow vegetables and fruits? The colors have been inspired by the medicine Butterfly is bringing to you.

The main lesson when Butterfly comes to us as a totem is that our life is about to go through a transformation of some kind. Sister Butterfly can help you through it.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Your Birth Totem Otter

If your birthday falls between January 20th and February 18th, your birth totem is the Otter. You were born under the element of air during the Rest and Cleansing Moon with Waboose (White Buffalo) acting as your Spirit Guide throughout your lifetime. You have a strong connection to the winds of the North and you belong to the Butterfly Clan. You will find a connection with your plant totem, the Quaking Aspen or the Fern. Silver or turquoise act as your mineral totem.

You are active physically, mentally, and emotionally because of your connection with the Butterfly Clan. You find new and unusual ways of doing things and like Air you are always shifting and moving much like the Butterfly. Butterfly people look for ways to serve the people and usually help others in the healing of mind, body, and spirit.

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But what does Otter bring you as your birth totem? Whether you are male or female, Otter looks at your feminine energy. Yes, guys, everyone has a feminine side to their inner being. Sister Otter teaches us the importance of balancing our energies.

We learn from the playful otter have a space where others can enter our lives without being judged with suspicion or any preconceived barriers. Otter is never jealous or catty. The Sisterhood of humans allows for us to believe that all accomplishments are beneficial for the entire tribe and should be celebrated. It does not matter whether you had the accomplishment or your neighbor had it.

Otter swims through the river of life spreading joy in her playful ways and her receptive nature.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Alligator Totem

One might think that if Alligator is working as a messenger totem for them that the medicine and message might be a rather frightening one. As intimidating as this creature is in the wild it is interesting that when it works with us to teach us on our journey the message is one with a beautiful message.

What brother Gator teaches us is the gift of fully appreciating and integrating all that life offers to us. Alligator enlightens us on the value of thoroughly digesting both the pleasures and the pains of our lives. As an alligator rolls in the water with its catch, we must also learn to roll with the punches in our journey. Gator also teaches us to understand about proper timing and patience.

This prehistoric looking creature teacher reminds us that the choice to laugh can diffuse the entanglements of anger and judgments, too much ego, and inflexible behavior. If we remove the rigidity in our psyche, we are then free to integrate into the circumstances we find ourselves in at the present time.

Alligator sometimes enters into our river of life to help us to remember to digest the situation at hand before making any rash moves. He reminds us to be flexible in our actions and not to wallow in a self-created quicksand.

Sometimes we rush through life and forget to acknowledge our victories or to appreciate any Rites of Passage we have just gone through. Gator tells us that it is time to honor our progress and to always be mindful that a quick-fix solution does not support long-term goals. We must integrate everything in our life lessons as we carry on.

Profile of American Alligator with Head Above Murky Water

Profile of American Alligator with Head Above Murky Water
Jeff Foott
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When Alligator comes to you as a totem he is telling you that something may have escaped your perception. So, it is wise to ask yourself what viewpoint or possibility was not a factor in your assessment of the given situation. Even though the eyes and nostrils are the only parts of Gator’s body above the water while it swims it still senses its surroundings thoroughly. In doing this, Alligator integrates all probabilities before it makes its next move.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Dolphin As An Animal Totem

In Native American traditions, Brother Dolphin can work as a messenger totem from the animal kingdom. He typically signifies that there is something of an unexpected nature that is about to happen. The event or change will usually have some sort of glorious benefit to either you or the people you influence. Almost a divinely given substantial life food is possible, like the manna of the Bible, when Dolphin acts as one of your animal totems.

Brother Dolphin teaches us about the breath of life and that by changing the rhythm and rate of our breath we can tap into other energies of life. We learn to use our life-manna through our breathing to revitalize each cell and organ in our bodies. We learn to not limit the dimensions of our physical reality and to open ourselves to the messages we receive during Dreamtime.

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If you were drawn to this post today, Brother Dolphin may be working with you. It may indicate that you are a link to a solution to benefit the Earth Children. It might signify that you have reached a time to find answers to your questions or those of others around you. You should be mindful of your patterns of energy and your body rhythms as they are being fed to you by Creator. Ride the waves of your life with laughter and spread the joy to the world you live in, like Brother Dolphin.

While researching the medicine of Brother Dolphin so that I could write to you about it today, I couldn’t help but think about my dear friend Joan. I wonder if, at least at one time, Brother Dolphin was working with her. She is one of the most joyful people I know and she wrote about a Dolphin Swim in the Florida Keys that she and her family enjoyed.

If Dolphin appears to be working with you, relax, check your breathing rhythms, break down barriers, and feed on the life-manna that your animal totem is bringing you.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

The Totem Of Porcupine

Is it possible that the Native American totem of brother Porcupine is working with you right now? It could very well be if you were drawn to this page or if you are noticing that porcupines keep grabbing your attention in some way. What is the medicine that you can receive from Porcupine?

Basically the the lesson from brother Porcupine when he is acting as a totem for you is Innocence. You are being gently reminded to remove yourself from the turmoil of your adult world that houses fear, greed, and suffering. Step away from the strictness of being a grown up and embrace the things that gave you joy as a child. Use your imagination like you did as an innocent child and honor the playful spirit inside you.

With the porcupine totem we see the power of faith and trust come to play. In the wild we see that this odd creature teacher has quills. If we observed porcupine for any length of time at all we would be aware that he only uses these quills when another creature has broken the trust of the gentle porcupine. He is actually a non-aggressive and loving animal when he believes or trusts that his surroundings are safe. Like him we need to cling to the childlike tendency to appreciate the wonders life gives us each new day and allow ourselves to discover adventure again.

Perhaps we can do something as simple as drinking our morning coffee from a mug like above so that we can remember to acknowledge our inner child each day, honor it, and accept the innocence we once trusted and believed in. Sometimes allowing our playful side to surface will allow us better creativity in our stodgy adult world. Allowing ourselves to observe a situation or a problem at work through the eyes of a child can often times give us the best solution.

The game of life is rarely won when we are too serious. When life deals us a hard blow it is natural to become mistrusting and feel hurt. If we think of the lesson of the totem of porcupine, we can overcome the difficult lesson with joy and begin to trust ourselves and others again.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related