Dedicated To Alex And His Warrior Spirit

Today my blog post is dedicated to my friend Alex who many know as Drifter0658 at Squidoo. Today is his birthday and many of us will gather here to honor and celebrate his day. We also know Alex as the big kahuna on Crabbysbeach who watches over us, entertains us, and works under the hood keeping all of the mechanical parts running in tip top shape.  He is special to all of us for so many reasons.

Alex, today we honor your warrior spirit and the day that you were born.  In the Native traditions of the past a warrior was so very important to the tribe.  These were the men who protected the tribe.  They provided food with their hunting skills and kept the tribe safe from the enemy.  The most respected and honored warriors always kept the tribe’s best interest above their own.  They gave much more than they received in most instances.

Alex, you are a modern day warrior, in my eyes and in the eyes of many.  A man who looks over our little tribe here at Crabbysbeach and at 10-finity too.  Your hunting skills are put to use when you go out there looking for themes, plug-ins, and tools that will help us all have a better experience.  You defend us from our mortal enemies…the spammers who are always trying to invade our territory! You put the tribe ahead of your own needs and enrich our lives by doing it.  Just last Friday, I noticed you even practiced a “Give Away” type ceremony by spending your time and tweeting about several of the members of the Beach. Shoot, you even have your own form of a horse to ride off on…your beloved motorcycle.

I believe I remember that once you shared with me that you are also of Native descent. Cherokee, wasn’t it? Your birth totem of Deer and your Spirit Keeper Wabun (Golden Eagle) chose wisely to walk with you on your Earth journey.

In my mind, the men with true warrior spirit are what we sometimes refer to as “A Man’s Man”. You know the guys who get along with all of the other guys, they are everyone’s buddy.  These true warriors don’t feel the need to be boisterous or mean. These men are generally well liked by the ladies too.  That is because a true warrior values the females in his life, shows them respect, and genuinely likes them. That is you Alex, my friend…a true warrior!

I’m also reminded of Cornstalk the Shawnee Chief who seemed to reach from his place in the Spirit World and bring you and I together to become friends. I see that event as the one that really bonded us together and we’ve continued to walk together on our Sacred Paths.  Cornstalk was a great orator, a strategist, and an honored warrior which describes you too, my dear friend.

Alex, you honor me and so many others with your friendship, you honor all of us with your dedication, you honor us with your true warrior spirit!  Happy Birthday to you, dear Alex! Now, did I see someone walk in with a bottle of Tequila? Break it open and let’s have a toast!

A Day To Reflect On Birth Totems

Today is my birthday, it is a day I take to reflect on my birth totems.  The gifts from Great Spirit given to me on the day that I took my first breath. Oh what precious gifts they have been! So, firstly I humbly thank you for these teachers that you so wisely chose for me.  You knew that I would need the Keeper of my spirit to be Wabun (Eagle) who would teach me to soar above the experiences ahead of me and give me the courage to survive them.  Beaver has given me a personality that feels strongly about family, a hard worker, a builder.  Making sure that I was born into the Turtle Clan gave me the strong connection to Mother Earth, I feel your pulse when I have my hands in the earth and feel your energy when I am around the Stone People (rocks).  Thank you, Great Spirit, for your wisdom in knowing just the right day for me to enter this lifetime.

Thank you to the Animal Spirits who chose me to teach as I came into my Earth Walk.  Elk teaches me my path to illumination in my East direction. Thank you Elk! Thank you Skunk for showing me when to be humble and when to trust in my South direction.  Coyote, you teach me about my personal truths and give me my inner answers and I thank you! Oh sweet Sister Deer, thank you for giving me wise council in my North direction.  Dolphin swims with me in my dream time.  Eagle, I most humbly thank you for being a double totem for my simple soul! You keep me grounded yet you encourage me to soar with great courage. Bat, you teach me about my sacred space and my personal truths, thank you. Blue Heron you walk on my right side and remind me that every traveler is a messenger and every destination is the beginning of a new life cycle. Raven, you chose to walk on my left side and teach me of the magic of life.  Thank you all for choosing to teach me your noble lessons!

Our day of birth is a glorious gift and we celebrate, for me it is a day of thanksgiving too. Thank you, Great Spirit, for this wondrous journey!

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related