Native American Totem: Wolf

Wolf as a Native American totem is known as the Teacher. Brother wolf is a pathfinder who howls, sings, and teaches us how to “know”.  He can come to you as a birth totem if you are born during the moon that falls between February 19th through March 20th. Brother Wolf may also choose to be one of your power totems or he may just walk with you awhile as a messenger totem.

Wolf is the greatest teacher in the Tribal Tradition who acts as the pathfinder looking for new ideas and returning to the clan or person to teach and share medicine from what he has learned. Brother wolf has loyalty like Dog and takes one mate for his lifetime. You will find that Brother Wolf has a strong sense of family while also having a strong individualistic presence. These qualities make Wolf much like the human race. We humans also have the ability to be a part of a society and family while still being able to embody our individual dreams and ideas.

In the Great Star Nation, we find Wolf represented by the Dog Star, Sirius. Legend tells that Sirius was the original home of our teachers in the ancient times. Many cultures have also thought of Sirius as the home of the gods. Native Americans adopted the Wolf people as the clan of teachers many centuries ago.

Brother Wolf has very keen senses and has the Moon as it’s power ally. With the psychic energy attributed to the Moon we connect with the secrets of knowledge and wisdom. Wolf medicine empowers the teacher within all of us to come forth and to aid the Earth children in understanding the Great Mystery of Life.

Sometimes, Brother Wolf comes to us to encourage the teacher in us to share our knowledge with others. Other times Wolf will be guiding us to find a lonely place that will allow us to see the teacher within us and to find our true self.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

The Native American Totem Of Whale

Some might find it odd that Whale would be a Native American Totem to learn from. It really isn’t all that unusual as many tribes lived on the coast lines of North America but even the tribes who lived inland know of Whale.

whale totem Whale is the record keeper and is very much like a swimming library. This creature teacher carries the history of Mother Earth and is said to have been placed here by the Ancients from the Dog Star, Sirius.

Our biologists will tell us that Whale is a mammal and it is very possible that it lived on land millions of years ago. In tribal tradition, Whale moved into the ocean when the Earth shifted and Lemuria, the Motherland went below the waters.

There are petroglyphs that speak of the Motherland, Mu, and the disaster that brought the red race to North America from the West. There are symbols in these ancient pictures that speak of the rivers and mountains that were crossed by the ancestors when they were in search of solid ground.

Great Whales of the World

Great Whales of the World

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Whale witnessed the events that led to the settling of Turtle Island (North America) and has kept the records and knowledge of the Motherland alive. It is said that Mu will rise again when the fire comes from the sky and lands in another ocean on Mother Earth. All of Earth’s children will have to unite and honor all ways and all races in order to survive.

The medicine of Whale teaches us to use the sounds and frequencies that balance our emotional bodies and heal our physical forms. We align with Whale’s message when we remember why the drum brings healing and peace. The drum is the universal heartbeat and aligns all beings heart to heart.

If Whale is working with you right now, you are being asked to tap into the records and to allow yourself to be sung to by those who have the original language. Humans are the only creatures who do not have their own unique cry or call. Whale will help you find yours. Whale signals a time of finding your origins, of seeing your destiny as it has been coded in your DNA.  When you are able to open yourself to your own uniqueness your nine personal totems will send their sounds to you or through you.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~We are all related

Raccoon As A Native American Totem

One of the creature teachers that I am getting medicine from right now is Raccoon.  In Native American teachings the totem of raccoon is about being a generous protector.  As I became aware that this little Robin Hood of the animal kingdom was working with me in my East Direction and most specifically in tandem with the Council Fire of my Sacred Path, a magical and wondrous connection has been made.  I’ll share that with you a little later in the post.

When we realize that brother or sister raccoon is acting as a messenger spirit for us, we are asked to contact our inner warrior and to become a protector and generous provider for those in need.  While other creatures in the animal kingdom will fight each other for the best of the kill or food source, Raccoon practices giving back to the source of strength, guidance and protection.  A raccoon will provide for the others of its group before taking anything for itself, showing no sense of greed.  There is an almost mystifying ability in raccoon medicine that teaches us to assist those in need without allowing them to become victims or dependents.

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As my regular readers know, I have posted recently about my journey on my Sacred Path and the lessons that I am being taught about the Council Fire, Taking the Shawl, South Shield, and Medicine Bundle.  Last Sunday, as I outlined my future posts I made a note to do a post on Raccoon to post today.  As I studied and meditated last week about Raccoon and how it is working in my life, a most miraculous connection came to be and I don’t think it was a coincidence.  I believe my Spirit Keepers have been preparing me for the events that evolved last week for some time now and my path crossed with some truly Generous Protectors. People who are looking out for the good of others with no greed in their hearts.

My attention was first called to an article written about Pine Ridge Reservation and the conditions that the Lakota are struggling to overcome. That article broke my heart and a voice spoke to my soul that I must do something. I’ve learned to listen to those messages when they come so strongly! My next step was to visit one of the charitable organizations that was mentioned in the article, One Spirit and offer some of my time and energy to help them and the Lakota People. All the pieces started to fit, as I then learned about the needs of Donna and Billy Jumping Eagle and the children they provide a safe house for on Pine Ridge Reservation. That knowledge prompted me to write my post from last Friday asking for your help.

Remember last week when I posted about the Medicine Bundle and to look at my Allies and Supporters? My heart has been warmed by the response of my Allies (you know who you are!) with the support they have shown for the Lakota People at Pine Ridge and One Spirit. Bless you for helping me to get the word out and for your donations!

I am honored and humbled to have Raccoon sharing its medicine with me and bringing the message that “We are all related” so alive on this leg of my journey. Since this blog’s inception I have shared that message at the end of each post. Is it a coincidence that it happens to be a Lakota saying? I think not…

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ Lakota for “We are all related”

Totem Medicine From Moose

When the mighty Moose has chosen us to teach from its totem spirit we are given the lesson of self-esteem. Native Americans see this animal totem in the North direction of the Medicine Wheel.  Brother and Sister Moose join Buffalo in this place of wisdom. It is from the recognition of wisdom being used in a situation and that recognition is deserved that defines self-esteem as the medicine of Moose.

Moose has great strength and is the largest member of the deer family.  If you have ever heard the call of the male Moose on a spring night, you know what an awesome sound it is to hear. He is showing pride in his maleness and his desire to mate which in turn shows his sense of self-esteem. We can view the bugle of the Moose as a positive force because it is showing his eagerness to tell the world his feelings.

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The trait of “tell the world” embraces the joyfulness which comes with a sense of accomplishment. This trait is not a seeking of approval but comes from the knowing of a job well done and the enjoyment of sharing the joy.  Woven through this scenario is the wisdom that creation brings forth new ideas and Moose is telling us that our joy should be shouted out with pride. In other words, the bellowing is a way for us to lighten up and give ourselves and others a hearty well done.

People who have Moose medicine know when to use the gentleness of Deer and also when to create a stampede like Buffalo. Moose people understand the balance between giving orders to get things done and having the willingness to do things themselves.  We can think of a Grandfather Warrior who put away his war paint so many moons ago to now advise the young bucks as to when to cool their blood.

We find Moose medicine a lot in our Elders who have walked the Good Red Road and have experienced many things during that journey.  They find great joy in teaching the children and being the first to give encouragement which builds self-esteem. People who have the totem medicine of Moose know what to say, when to say it, and to whom.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Toucan Native Totem

Some might think that the Toucan would be an unusual bird to be one of the Native American Totem Animals. After all, you might say, Brother Toucan is not indigenous to North America.  Remember the animal spirit that decides you need to share in it’s medicine does not have to be one that lives near you.

You might live in the cold regions of the north, yet you have always felt a connection with this colorful bird. Perhaps Brother Toucan is only a messenger totem animal for you and you have suddenly become fascinated with him. You notice pictures of the bird or you dream about him.

What lessons or medicine does Toucan have for you in this instance?  With his colorful appearance and large bill he shows us the desire to be seen and heard.  Toucan, as a native totem, may be telling you that it is time to step forward and stand in the forefront instead of the shadows.

Brother Toucan is the representative of showmanship and communications.  So a craving for attention may call him to you so that he can help you figure out why you are feeling this need. This bird totem can also help you boost your self esteem if you are feeling low about yourself.

You may show the world a clowning persona in order to hide your own insecurities. Toucan comes to mirror your behavior and to show you that you can safely take off your mask and reveal the truth of your inner self.

Toucan has been a totem for centuries often visiting peoples in their dreams when we lived in a time that they would not encounter this bird in the wild. A time before television, movies, or the technology we have today. It is said that Toucan came to Storyteller one of The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers to assist her in a lesson she was trying to teach humans while she walked the Earth. Brother Toucan will come in the dreamtime to warn humans of life threatening situations. He comes to to remind us to be aware of situations that could be harmful to our well being.

So, you see, even a funny bird like Brother Toucan can be a animal totem that can teach us much as we journey here on Mother Earth.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related