Trickster Teacher Heyokah

On our walk here on the Earth Mother sometimes we encounter Heyokah the Trickster Teacher on the Sacred Path. This contrary clown is a Spiritual Counselor to us humans who teaches us through laughter and opposites. Heyokah will make you wonder if what you are doing or saying is actually correct, which will then make you think and figure it out for yourself. When the Trickster Teacher gets you to look at the beliefs you use as a crutch on your own, you might find the crutch breaks and you land on the ground on your rear end. Heyokah has taught you a lesson! If the opposite happens and the crutch stands firm and holds you up, you have gained a Knowing System for your life.

Many tribal traditions have Trickster Teachers who dress in costume for Ceremony and wear regular clothing in their daily life. The Plains Indians called their Divine Trickster, Heyokah. The Hopi and Pueblo called him Koshario. Their jokes do not stop, however as they are teachers. All Heyokahs operate through opposites. These trickster teachers impart their wisdom to seekers in the exact opposite of how we might try to find the answers ourselves. The laughter that results is usually a lesson for the entire community.

Heyokah is known for creating lessons at the expense of another’s seriousness. This will break the bonds that destroy balance in our lives. The Trickster Teacher will not create a lesson of laughter that would harm the soul of the seeker. He will see this insecurity and turn to laughter toward himself, knowing the seeker will still get the message.

In Native traditions no one would have found offense if this Spiritual Counselor used them for a lesson.  In fact, most would have felt quite honored to have Heyokah play a trick on them. Anyone seeing the prank or talking about it later would also grow from the lesson.

The medicine of Heyokah as we walk our Sacred Path can diminish our fears through laughter. This Trickster Teacher will trick us into revelations rather than give us all of the answers. We find that nothing is beyond repair. Heyokah reminds us to use comedy to reclaim our Sacred Space. He is the Sacred Trickster who is the perfect integration of all things wise and foolish, scared and irreverent. We achieve the ultimate union of opposites when we learn to celebrate more than we mourn.  In humble thanksgiving, I thank you divine Trickster Teacher,  Heyokah,  for the lessons you have given me in my walk.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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6 thoughts on “Trickster Teacher Heyokah”

  1. Without Heyokah, no lesson would be worth learning. No step would be worth taking. There are those that believe humor has its place and I believe the same. I believe that place to be everywhere.

    I wrote the following 55 word story years ago. The story is about the Norse version of Heyokah and his trip to an aboriginal American reservation…

    Nonsense at The Little Bighorn

    The God of Nonsense showed up at The Little Bighorn, a bar somewhere in the Dakotas. After several rounds of drinks and a few good laughs, he walked out with two Native American women.

    “Where did the Bullshitter go with the women?” Asked Screaming Hawk.

    Wolf Who Hunts sipped his beer and answered, “Hokum pokum.”

    1. Love your story Alex! Humor gets us through so much in life.

      Somehow I have this vision of you standing in the line where they were passing out “sense of humor” and the two guys in front of you said they didn’t want any so you said, “Hey, I’ll take theirs and mine too!”

  2. Ah, this just brings to mind that folks have forgotten that life is about learning and growing. It seems that our children are not led to do that anymore.

    To be able to laugh at one’s self. Now that was a lesson.

  3. Generally I am the one who is loud. I am funny but there is also something irritating about me that you do not like. I am a blast to hang with, for a night or maybe a day. But then there is something you find irritating about me. Maybe it’s my loudness, maybe it’s the boisterousness. Maybe ??? The true Heyokah is a mirror I am. What you dislike in me is what you dislike in you. I make you laugh at yourself and you don’t even realize it. Who is the fool now? Who is the wise one? I have abilities and gifts bestowed upon me that can wield great healing and great destruction with the utter of a single word. I prefer to heal my family and friends but have been known to get to close and well when lightening strikes. Perhaps it was the will of the Eons. Either way if I am in your life that means I love you.

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