Taking The Shawl: A Sacred Path Lesson

As I continue to explain the card spread of the Four Directions of my Sacred Path, I can now tell you about Taking the Shawl. If you read my post on Monday, you know that I was struggling with a writer’s block and somehow I instinctively knew that it had something to do with my spiritual walk and growth. On Wednesday I explained the first card of the spread and the Council Fire card which let me know that I needed to make some decisions.

The second card in the spread represents the South Direction. This card tells me where my faith should be placed or a loss of faith that has caused me to feel weak.  I was feeling weak but not from a loss of faith, more from not paying attention to my faith. So, let me tell you which card came up for my South Winds of Direction. Where am I to put my faith?

Taking the Shawl was the card I turned over and when I read the lesson and it’s application, I wept.  Tears of sadness were not falling from my eyes; no, they were tears of joy and understanding. My Spirit Keepers were telling me it was time to return home. Time to remember a me that I had forgotten and to wrap the shawl around my body feeling Earth Mother’s loving arms embrace me with love and joy.  I had not forgotten that wearing the shawl meant that sharing the goodness of Traditional Teachings was important and good for the global “we”. I had forgotten the magic that I once believed in of the simplicity of happiness. I am to continue my faith in loving others who have forgotten the Sacred Path and also to place my faith in my inner joy.  I realized that I was being entirely too serious and must return home to an inner joy by wearing the shawl.

In my mind, I now envision a most lovely shawl laying on my shoulders and my faith is renewed.  My next post will tell the third card in the spread…the West Direction and it’s significance in my spread.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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5 thoughts on “Taking The Shawl: A Sacred Path Lesson”

  1. I am writing a book with the working title, “Become an Elder Instead of just … growing … old: An Instruction Manual. Elder 101”. I am committed to the re-creating and co-creating of Elder as our Third stage of life. Over the past 200 years, a mere blink of the evolutionary eye, initiation of adult into Elder has virtually disappeared as Elder itself has diminished in importance.
    Might you refer me to… or speak with me about … Elder rituals I might endorse in the book?

    1. Aaniin Harvey Austin! I love your book idea! Love it, love it, love it! I would be happy to speak with you via email about some ideas. I can’t think of any specific rituals for Elders but I’ll look around and see if I can find some traditions that I can share with you. Elders were and still are important to the Native communities. There are two types of Elders – our ancestors who give us wisdom from the Spirit realm and physical Elders who give us wisdom from their own journeys. I have your email so I’ll drop you a note. Very exciting commitment for you to take on. Not all of the “old ways” were so bad and it would benefit mankind as a whole if we returned to some of them. Growing into an Elder would be one of them, respecting the Elders would be another.

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