You can find many charities that profess to help the Native American People. My list will include the ones that I have found that are run by volunteers with all donations going straight to the programs and people that they are involved in.

ONE Spirit is a charity that I support and can recommend for you also.

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  1. yes, I have heard that it is that way. it’s sad to me. Perhaps they fear that people want to get part of what they have mltarielay. I can assure them that the´╗┐ Indians I know do not want anything but our Culture that was stolen from us by the practices of the whites. Indian Mission Schools, Assimilation/Annihilation laws thus leading to passing for white these things destroy a culture. But we just don’t fit in somewhere in us a Drum beats! Calling us home, aho

  2. Hey, just wanted to bring awareness to another legit charity my company is involved in. Having gone on one of their summer boot camps, I have witnessed the smiles of Native American children as they received school supplies and had the time of their life at Kids Fun Day. The New Renaissance’s world project Love Has No Color is not just a charity, but a partnership with the Fort Peck Reservation and will possibly be expanding to other reservations due to the interest of other tribes. Find out more about Love Has No Color here:

    official website:
    Facebook page:

    1. Thank you so much for letting us know about this charity! Let’s hope that the future allows for expansion to other reservations!

    1. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by being qualified. I share what I have been taught over the last 6 decades and the messages I get when I meditate on certain topics. I am not a Shaman or Medicine Woman and don’t claim to be anything more than what I am. Where does the little bit of money I make go? It pays for the cost of the domain each year and the cost of hosting the site each month. There is very little beyond that over the course of any given year. I don’t share this for monetary benefit.

    1. I have listed the only charity that I personally support. I haven’t found any others that do a better job than One Spirit does. There may be some out there but I have not had personal contact with them. I could just put a list up and not care whether it is a good charity or not, but that would go against my own principles.

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