The Butterfly Clan

The Butterfly Clan belongs to he element of Air. The Medicine of Butterfly is Transformation. Butterfly Clan people are always active physically, mentally, and emotionally.  They have new ideas and unexpected ways of doing things. Butterfly people are always changing and shifting like Air.  Observe how differently everything looks outside when a sudden gust of wind is blowing with things moving, swaying and changing shape.  As Air transforms things it is the same with Butterfly Clan people. They often want change now and tend to manipulate a situation to make the change happen now. Butterfly people are always looking for ways to serve their people and are often in the positions of service for the healing of mind, spirit, and body. Butterfly Clan people have a major responsibility to the Air. They enjoy being outside when the wind is blowing. They feel best in big open spaces away from confinement and will receive their best inspirations then.

The animal totems influenced by the Butterfly Clan are Deer, Raven, and Otter. These souls are the harbingers of messages from the Ancestors and will focus their attention on conveying the express wishes of the Elders so that the plan of the Great Spirit can unfold itself upon all that is Living.  Butterfly people are not concerned with the actual process of the work that is required in order to fulfill the Plan, their function is to make certain that their voices are heard, their concerns in all things are expressed, and their ideas shared with the other Clans so that their motive has been achieved.

Imagine Brother Butterfly as he flies from a rose to a morning glory to wild lavender. He won’t rest for long in any one spot, yet he dips his tongue into the sweet nectar of each flower. Brother Butterfly picks up pollen to carry to the next flower where it will be deposited so that the survival of that species of flower is guaranteed.

In much the same way, a member of the Butterfly Clan will travel wide within its own circle, sharing thoughts on topics of both personal and global concern.  It will be the one who suggests new ways of thinking, the one who comes up with new and original perspectives that will lead to the resolution of problems.

The challenge for Butterfly, is to know when the time has come to still its restless body, quieting its active mind in order that it may hear the gentle whisperings of the soul.  When Butterfly can learn that there are times when the Great Spirit asks us to stop and enjoy the moment, to revel in the sweet nectar of now; it will achieve its true desire. The hunger to witness the unfolding of Universal Love as it flows across all nations, creeds and religions will be sated. Butterfly will know it has played an integral part in the brilliant unfolding of the Great Mystery.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~  We are all related.

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6 thoughts on “The Butterfly Clan”

  1. As I have commented earlier at this blog, the so called primitive religions are uncanny in their accuracy.

    I am a Deer which appeals to the Butterfly Clan, and I have to admit that my traits are falling right in line.

  2. The wings of the Butterfly are still an resting It hear’s (clean the water with wisdom). Pure.water falls from Sky Father. Rain wisdom for Mother Earth. So all Sky brothers and Sisters may drink the water of wisdom. Wisdom makes our clan thirsty . Water from Father Sky rains an Mother Earth stores this to keep us well We must not disgrace it by waste for it will foul an perish . Butterfly hear,s Without pure water there is no Wisdom-With out wisdom the is no pure life . Pure water pure life pure wisdom.

  3. at different times of my life strangers have taken photos of me in waterfalls where i am completely covered by butterflies. I am otter clan of the Lower Umpquas.

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