Raven As Your Native American Birth Totem

The Ducks Fly Moon crosses Father Sky during September 23 to October 23 of any given year.  It  is the first moon of Mudjekeewis (Grizzly Bear) who is  the Spirit Keeper of the West.   The mineral totem for this moon is jasper, most particularly the bloodstone japser.  The plant totem  is mullein.  The animal totem is the raven.  The color totem is brown. The element is air with the Butterfly clan being the elemental influence.

Jasper teaches how to draw both the earth and sun energy into your being and how to understand the messages of the heart. Bloodstone jasper can bring many blessings and helps you to harmonize with the earth’s energy.

Mullein, the plant totem teaches people to explore the smooth and healing parts of their nature.

Raven, the animal totem, will teach and give understanding to the relationship of groups. It is important that people with the Raven as a totem guard against being too indecisive.  Ravens are group oriented birds and it is believed that they have tribal councils.  To Native American people the raven is considered a bird of balance between man and nature.  Almost every tribe has a legend about Raven and why he is black.  Usually the bird began as a white bird but turned black either as a punishment for a wrongdoing or due to a danger it faced trying to help man.  Some believe the Raven to be an omen of bad luck while others believe it to be a good omen.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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  2. I got this from my friend Sunni Pii on Facebook and was quite taken by my birth totem being ravens….I used to feed the (crows) at my old place but the chickens get everything here but I could call them in and they answered me….the other information was quite accurate as well. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

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