Living With Owl As Your Birth Totem

owl totem If your birthday falls between November 22nd and December 22nd then your moon sign is the Owl. This wise winged brother came to mentor you from the day you were born and will council you until your journey on earth ends. When you are ruled by the Owl totem you are a person who needs to understand from the deepest of levels. You are also often times able to see the higher purpose of things.

As a person who walks with owl medicine you often frighten people because you can not be deceived no matter how hard people try to disguise what they are up to. You may take this ability for granted but the people around you do not.

This spirit animal will often come to you at night through your dreams.  You might also see the actual predator around you at times. When he has a message for you, you might see owls everywhere you look both real and in images. Pay attention, Brother Owl is trying to share some wisdom with you.

He is a sacred medicine bird that helps the truth emerge with his silent flight, his omens and magic. He resides in the West Winds and so do you for the most part. The West direction is a place for personal reflections and insights. The Spirit Keeper of these west winds is Mudjekeewis (Grizzly Bear).

By having the Owl as your birth totem, you belong to the Hawk Clan. You belong to people who are creative, spiritual and are intent on actions and not just words. The Hawk Clan follows the element of fire.

Your stone guides are amber and obsidian. You will find good energy when you encounter these minerals and may benefit from wearing jewelry made from them. Another good idea is to get a sample of one or the other or both.

With the owl birth totem you are also connected to the plants of Poinsettia and carnations along with the colors of gold, crimson and purple. The trees which hold spiritual significance for you are Elder, Mulberry and Chestnut.

owl totem chart

I placed the chart above to help those of you remember the different parts of having the owl as your totem of birth. As you begin to work with your totems, the ones in the chart are good ones to begin looking at. Search for information about the West Wind and the other directions of the Medicine Wheel and what they mean. Find out the significance of belonging to the Hawk Clan and the element of fire. Find the meanings of the stones and the plants associated with your moon signs. Be like Brother Owl and find the wisdom of each of them. It will help you feel more balanced and will probably make a lot of sense to you because they are connected to you in such a personal way.

Obviously, this is just a start in your learning about your own totems. You also have power totems that walk with you on your earth journey along with messenger totems that journey with you for shorter periods of time.

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10 thoughts on “Living With Owl As Your Birth Totem”

  1. Dear Beverly,

    I am thrilled by this article, which is helping me to ‘join dots’ concerning some of my recent experiences. Reading this blog, I’ve discovered that owl is my birth totem.

    For the past few months, I’ve seen owls on a variety of television shows. This doesn’t usually happen for me. I was born and grew up in the western region of my state, and have twice seen a hawk hovering very close over my current home , on recent days. Hawks live near my neighbourhood, yet I have rarely seen one so close to home.

    Thank you for such a lovely and insightful blog, which has made me smile.

    Best regards,

    1. Aaniin Christina! I am so happy that this made the connection with you. Hawk flies with me often letting me know to be on the watch for a message that is coming my way. With you being of the Hawk Clan, I would say you saw those hawks in preparation for finding your birth totem information today.

      1. Yes, that feels true for me. Thank you, Beverly. Things seem to be flowing more easily for me, recently; I feel that Hawk, Owl and your birth totem blog are prompting me to return to the west, my birth place, for at least a visit.

        Thank you for your kind words.

        Very best wishes,

  2. I live in Australia. Being a spiritual person, I became aware of my native indian past life at an early age. In astrology I am a sagittarius/fire sign. Chinese astrology a water/snake & now you have given me an insight into my Indian owl connections. I am truly grateful ! I have always believed that crossing paths with creatures has a significance on one’s life & being a deep thinker I draw spiritual energy & wisdom from those encounters. I sit in my back yard at night to draw energy from the universe & gaze upon the night skies.
    Recently I had some turmoil in my life & on some of those nights an owl came to visit me & I knew he was the messenger partly because owl’s are rare in the area I live ! Peace & Happiness, Fox

    1. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to introduce yourself to me, Fox! May your journey on the good road be long and plentiful.

  3. I haven’t had an owl as a totem but I did have an owl as a companion for a while when I was a kid… Discovered him in the attic, used to walk all night long and I did hear the “tic-tic-tic” and was really frightened until I saw him, how cute, we became friends, at the end of the winter, he left 🙁

  4. Hi Beverly,
    Great page, I recently was told I had a native American spirit guide and have always been drawn to animal and symbols that embrace this. The recent birth of my son has re-acquainted me with animal totems in my research to discover his. I am in Australia and wonder if the birth totems align with mother nature rather than a calendar date? I am June but am strongly connected to the owl. This alignes with the southern hemisphere start of winter and feels more correct.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Megan, thank you for stopping by. Your birth totem is in direct correlation with the Moon that you are born under. So, it is based more on the calendar date. If you were born in June then your actual birth totem is the Deer or the Woodpecker depending on when you were born. (Much like the zodiac sun signs – birth totems are moon signs). Since you have what you feel is a strong connection to the owl then it is probably 1 of your 9 power totems.

  5. Thank you for your site and info I use often and have referred others as well. Thank you
    I see owls often and have had the pleasure of calling a pair to me at night. I enjoy feeding and watching the gliders at night so that may be part why I see them. I saw one the other night and new it was a messenger but also new it was hunting my other night friends so I talked with the barred owl on how he needed to leave them alone at the feeder and they were my friends. The owl just looked at me after a couple of minutes it flew away. Then I thought yeah the owl had the message and I didn’t listen I was worried about my gliders. I often hear and see the owls at night and am in awh of them. Thank you again
    for reminding me to listen and to help me learn and grow!

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