What Is The Moose Animal Totem?

The Meaning Of The Moose Totem

In Native American traditions, totems play a large part of the spiritual teachings of an individual. Have you been wondering about the animal totem of Moose? If you feel that this spirit animal is working with you currently, perhaps I can help you understand the lessons or “medicine” that brother Moose is trying to give you.

How do you know if a totem animal is trying to get your attention? There is no magic answer for this other than you start to notice that suddenly you are fascinated with an animal that you don’t normally have contact with. Like Moose. Perhaps you are suddenly drawn to read an article like this one. You might also realize that without really looking you are starting to see images of Moose or any totem animal that catch your attention. You might even dream about a creature teacher often. And if you are intuitive you just might get this uncanny feeling that this animal is trying to tell you something. Sort of like a cosmic tap on the shoulder.

So let’s find out what Moose as a Native American totem might be trying to get you to learn.

Bull Moose in Tundra, Denali National Park, Alaska, USA

Bull Moose in…
Hugh Rose
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A Way To Connect With Moose Daily

When we have a spirit animal like Moose working with us, it is often times helpful to reflect on that animal and how it lives in the wild in their own habitat. A very good way to accomplish this is to have a calendar that we can view with that animal in it.

You might find this helpful, especially if you do not live in an area where you can encounter a Moose in its own environment.

Moose calendar
Moose 2014 Wall Calendar

Medicine From Moose

In the medicine wheel Moose is found in the North which is the place for wisdom. Self-esteem is the medicine we celebrate with Brother or Sister Moose. Through the wisdom of the North we understand that recognizing that wisdom has been used in a situation, makes us aware that a “pat on the back” or “well done” is justly deserved.

Through Moose medicine we learn to understand the balance between giving orders to get things done and when to just do the job ourselves. Much like the Grandfather Warrior who long ago put away his war paint and now tries to advise the young warriors to cool their hot blood, we learn to use our wisdom to teach the younger ones around us and most of all offer encouragement. A young person can have Moose medicine, it is sometimes evident when they seem wiser than their years.

Moose Art

If Moose is one of your power totems, having Moose art for your walls or a shelf will remind you often of the lessons and medicines that its animal spirit brings you. This can be in the form of a poster or sculpture. Something that you will see often and reflect on this creature teacher.

The Call Of The Moose

Moose is known for its great strength as the largest member of the deer family. If you have ever heard the call of the male moose, you know it is truly an impressive thing to hear. His pride in being male shows his sense of self-esteem. We can view the bellow of the male Moose as a positive force because it is his willingness to “tell the world” about his feelings.

The joyfulness of the “tell the world” trait comes from a sense of accomplishment. Most humans understand that great joy of knowing that they have completed a job well. So the “tell the world” trait is not a seeking of approval but rather a way to share the enjoyment.

Moose Says: Shout your joy with the pride you feel inside!

A Moose Exercise

Write down things that you can love about yourself and your progress in life. Now apply those same things to friends, family, coworkers, and life in general. Share your findings with others. They need the encouragement just as much as you do.

Thank you for stopping in today and allowing me to share my wisdom about the animal totem, Moose. I hope I helped you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here. You can also just let me know you were here by saying a quick, “Hi”.

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13 thoughts on “What Is The Moose Animal Totem?”

  1. Thank you very much for your ‘Moose Medicine’ Blog, Beverly. It reflected the self-esteem lessons that I have been sensing. Many good wishes for a happy 2014.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave your lovely comment, Christina. May the path that you walk in 2014 be filled with honor, blessings from the elders and no hazards along the way.

      1. Thank you for your very kind reply, Beverly. I needed to read it today. I have been affirming that I will live a life of self-responsibility, and live in the moment. I sense that it is a time of potentially great positive change for me. Once again, thank you for your kindness.

  2. The moose has intrigued me for a long time, and for no particular reason, the moose came to me again today. I didn’t dream about the moose. I just felt compelled today to find out what the moose spirit symbolized.
    The moose is definitely one of my power animals (grew up in Oregon; the woods my backyard; from Seaside, Oregon. I am a sea woman: Sea creatures, especially whales and diving sea birds resonate with me. I also discovered today that the wolf, which I never really connected with. is one of my power animals (spot on). However, despite domesticated animals not included in totems…well, I disagree. I love dogs, but the two dogs that I have had in my life; their life ended tragically (wolves=dogs). I have two cats-Himalayan (both very old); cal lineage= big wild cats. Birds are very important to me, as well.
    I would like to learn more about my animal totems. I viscerally respond to the spirit of nature. Animals are highly revered in my world; I am overly protective when it comes to animal life.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge about the moose totem.

    1. Aaniin, Katrina and thank you for leaving a note. I’m glad this message from Moose found you today. By the way, cats and dogs can sometimes be a totem but it seems to be rare. There is a huge difference between learning from an animal spirit and having them as pets. We can be very close to our pets and still not have the spirit of the animal teach us lessons. Sometimes they do, though. If you are sincere about learning about your totems, you could get Jamie Sams book and the cards that go with them. They are called Medicine Cards and I find them quite helpful. Also a book by Ted Andrews called Animal Speak.

  3. Hi. Thank you for this great information. I had a dream last night that was very vivid and involved a white moose. I loved it very much and was running in the woods with it. It got further ahead and I was trying to find it. At the same time it was trying to find me. Do you have any further knowledge on whether the white moose part represents anything?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Mandy, I am feeling that the dream is very significant for you at this point in your journey. You just got a sacred message because the Moose in your dream was white…pretty rare in nature for any animal to be born albino. For some reason, I’m picking up that it is very important for you to work on your self esteem. Are you feeling bad about yourself? Are you not giving yourself enough credit for your talents and gifts? It would appear that you are searching for acceptance from someone…yourself! Look deep inside your soul, you are there and you are OK. Now, believe in yourself and be joyful as the Moose. Sing your own praises, they are worth being heard.

  4. I dreamed of two female moose coming to spend the winter on my back deck here in Montana. In early spring, a baby moose had appeared. I was standing between the two females talking to the baby and the ‘Aunt Moose’ started to push me towards the mother and I didn’t want to be squished, so I reached down picking up the baby and carrying him off the deck to meet my cats. I set him back down and he walked around sniffing noses with my cats and then I woke up. It was a sweet dream.

  5. Hello,
    This past weekend a great bull moose jumped across the road in front of my car. Luckily, I was not going too fast, but I still had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting him, as he was so close. The moose stopped on the other side of the road and we just stared at each other for a few minutes before he trotted off into the woods. I was deeply effected by this encounter and continue to be — I have read about the moose totems and I cannot help but feel that something has stirred deep inside of me… I am not sure what it means right now, but I am definitely open to learning and growing through this profound encounter. Any advice for me on how to continue to be in touch with what this means is greatly appreciated.
    Thank-you for your website, it has been very helpful.

  6. We recently moved to the colorado mtns. We have had many beautiful animals visit our property. But today a moose walked up the road and lingered in our driveway. OMGOODNESS! He was the most magnificent animal.

  7. Last evenng I was driving home and reflecting on a “job well done” and suddenly there was this magnificent bull moose right in front of my car. I swear he looked me in the eye and then dove into the brush. I am quite certain he came to me for a purpose and had a messsage for me alone. There were no other cars that saw him, despite the fact that there were quite a few cars behind me.
    Thank you for helping me to understand~

  8. I had an old Albino moose come to me in a dream. He was thin and a bit cold. I was concerned and yet connected in some way to this Moose. Oddly his tail was a cluster of long tree branches that dragged on the ground. Sometimes the tail was like a dog tail that the moose put between his legs to stay warm. He seemed to be leading me or I wanted to follow. I felt I could put my arm arou d him and protect him. I also have a distinctive memory of looking at him from the side and trying to figure out if the tail was tangled in branches but I could see that the branches were part of his body.

  9. I too have just recently been introduced to the power of Moose medicine, although in my case it came about as a consequence of an overwhelming desire to re-visit the TV series Northern Exposure after nearly a quarter of a century

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