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Animal Totem Meaning Of The Fox

Have you been wondering about the meaning of the fox totem? The medicine of fox is quite interesting and deals with the art of camouflage, oneness, and protection of the family unit. So, let’s delve into those lessons today as I have noticed that fox seems to work with people often in their Earth Journey.

Camouflage Of Fox

Why would fox be a good creature teacher in the art of being unseen? Fox has many allies in the woodlands where he likes to live and hunt. The foliage in a wooded area can offer protection to him. He can almost seem to vanish into the undergrowth of the forest when he wants to. Being able to meld into one’s surroundings and be unnoticed by those around you can be a very powerful gift, especially if you are observing the actions of others. Like chameleon, brother fox, can further hide when the weather changes by changing his lovely fur coat to white during the winter if there are no places to hide.

Adaptability, integration, observation, cunning, and swiftness of thought and actions are all a strong part of Fox medicine.

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Family Protector

As the protector of the family unit, fox uses his ability to be unseen as a tool. Brother Fox or Sister Fox will be able to observe all around him or her while remaining unobserved by others. The animals around the fox family do not feel self-conscious because they are unaware fox is even watching them. Since Fox is known for always being concerned with the safety of the family it is a good talisman to carry with you when you are traveling away from your family unit.

If Fox Is Working With You

When Fox chooses to share its medicine with you it is a sign that it is practice the art of camouflage or to be unseen. You should be observant of the actions of the people around you instead of what they might be saying. Be cunning in your observations and keep silent about who, what, or why you might be watching. See yourself as being invisible and learn much from what you see instead of what you might hear. Watch the body language of those around you. Is it saying something different than the words they speak?

Do not overdue this act of being hidden, though. It could make you reclusive and without the joy of family and friends. That isn’t good! Fox is actually playful and full of joy yet is observant and cunning when he needs to be. As with so much in life, it is about balance and the knowing when to be like Fox.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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6 thoughts on “Fox Totem”

  1. I practice shamanic journeying and although I don1t have the fox as an animal helper I always look out for more information connected to this topic. I love what I do and how much it helped me and still helps me 🙂

  2. I have 3 Fox that like to romp and play together in my yard. They are so cute to watch. I have fed them before, but now I realize that isn’t the smartest thing for me to do. I have a rather large Garden and they kill my corn, but leave my melons alone. I have 3 outdoor
    Pitt Bulls but they are in pens. I worry about the dogs getting a hold of a Fox and vise sersa. What should I do to keep the fox away all together. I have no intention of hurting them, but I also want to be rid of the problems that may arise from them being near the dogs. I Love the Symbolysm of them and their meanings.

    1. I honestly do not think you have to worry about the foxes and the dogs. The fox will not attack the dogs because they instinctively know that the dogs can take them on. The foxes really have a nature of flight rather than fight so they will stay clear of the dogs. I’m not so sure that the foxes are eating your corn. They don’t typically eat vegetables. I would suspect squirrels or a raccoon before the fox. They will eat fruits but typically stay away from vegetables. Since they are leaving your melons alone, I think you have a critter that you may not see getting the corn.

  3. Hi i have a question. The other night i had a dream of walking and right besides me was a fox. We just walked side by side. My question is could the fox be my tottem animal?

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