Badger Totem Medicine

Lesson From Badger Is: Aggressiveness

badger cardThe Badger in nature is looked upon as a vicious creature and one that will attack with powerful aggression.  One finds that a badger is quick to anger and even quicker to pounce.  Aggressiveness and the willingness to fight for what you want is the power of Badger medicine.

Many powerful medicine women have Badger as their totem.  Badger is the keeper of the medicine roots. You see, Badger can see all of the roots of Mother Earth’s healing herbs while they hang in it’s burrow home.  The roots are the key in aggressive healing.

People with Badger medicine act quickly in a crises and they do not show panic.

When Badger is a part of your own medicine you are quick to express your feelings and you don’t care what the consequences might be.  You are often times not appreciated by your teammates through life because you will be the one who insists on carrying the ball to make a score.

Badger is always willing to persist in it’s endeavors.  The medicine of badger may be pointing you to be an aggressive healer who has the courage to use even unconventional means to achieve a cure.  This does not mean, necessarily a true physical cure of an ailment.  It can be a cure for emotional healing such as we encounter in relationships or the work place.

When Badger medicine is out of balance one might find that they become vicious gossips.  They may show signs of having that proverbial “chip” on their shoulders. Whether in or out of balance Badger people will always be aggressive enough to make it to the top of their chosen fields because they will not give up.  They will also be the finest healers because all methods to ensure healing takes place. You won’t find a Badger person giving up even for the critically ill patient.

Strength comes from having Badger as your totem.  You will often be the boss, the one everyone fears.  You will get the task accomplished and keep the company afloat with Badger as your teacher.

If you were drawn to this post today, Badger may be telling you that you have been too meek in trying to reach a goal. Badger is asking you how long you will wait for the world to give you what you want.

The very essence of the message from Badger is telling you to become aggressive enough to do something about your present situation.  Brother Badger wants you to get just angry enough to react in a creative way.  The message is not to get too aggressive but to use your anger to stop lolling around.  In other words a powerful message to use for self-improvement.

When Badger comes to you he is signaling a time when you can use your healing abilities to push ahead in your life. Aggressively remove the barriers that stand in your way which are usually within yourself.  Seek new levels to express yourself and use the roots of Badger medicine to be grounded and centered to move forward.

You should also know that your totem animal will choose you to receive their message.  How will you know if Badger has chosen you? You might see one in the wild, you might suddenly be drawn to a post like mine, or perhaps without even meaning to you see a television show or pick up a book about badgers. Listen to your inner being…badger is talking to you.

~ Mitakuye Oyasin ~ We are all related.

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5 thoughts on “Badger Totem Medicine”

  1. Hello Bev,
    I have recently been awakened to the world of my spirit guides and my higher self, The Badger has come to me in deep meditation and I am trying to get a deeper understanding on the badgers meaning and perhaps the tribe it is most acknowleged in, if you have any information on anything u think may be of any help, I would much appreciate it, thanks 🙂

    1. The totems are not specifically identified by any one Tribe. Your totem has nothing to do with belonging to a specific tribal tradition, it is about the lessons you are to learn in life. If Badger is coming to you in meditation, he is most probably telling you that you need to be aggressive about healing or fixing something. Read my post again, the answer is probably there. Then again, an animal spirit guide will work with you until you finally get “all” of the lesson.

  2. Interesting, this morning my boyfriend was asking me when I was going to get mad and step up to making changes.

  3. I have a badger in my back yard. I ve been through many difficulties lately through work and relationships. My husband wanted to shoot it because of fear. I yelled at the badger to run and it listened and ran like crazy and my husband could not get a good shot. I thank this spirit for listening for I couldn’t bear to see it die…very beautiful animal. Thank you for your insight.

  4. Badger came to me in a dream last night. Others thought it was Opossum at first, as it seemed shy. Then she showed her teeth and others withdrew in caution. She came to me and coiled warm and sleek around my neck and shoulders, and became my companion protector, and I hers. We travel through the dream together.

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